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Research Opportunities

Your opportunity for discovery!

Why should I do research?

  • provide the opportunity to apply your classes to real problems
  • learn to ask questions, design experiments, and share your answers
  • develop field, lab, and research skills
  • let employers know that you can solve a problem
  • work closely with faculty
  • have fun!

How do I get started?

There are two main ways that students can participate in research:

  • Students can participate in a variety of research project across campus through Clemson's Creative Inquiry program. Lists of current projects are available from the Undergraduate Studies Office. The biosystems engineering research courses described above (BE 4990) are our department's approach to formalizing Creative Inquiry within the undergraduate curriculum. Examples of creative inquiry in this major might involve such topics as sustainable design, sustainable biofuels, or biodiesel co-products.

  • Biosystems engineering students may also take part in traditional independent research projects (BE 4730), called “Special Topics.” Typically, a research project will be selected in the fall within the area of expertise of one of the biosystems engineering faculty, who will act as your instructor. Your project may be designed by you, or it may be formulated by the instructor and relate to his/her own research, and it may involve field, laboratory, and/or library study. The credit hours of the course depend upon the depth of the project, and may range from one to three credit hours. The course may be repeated once (under the same or a different instructor), for a maximum of six credits. Contact the faculty member you are interested in working with to explore the possibility of performing a special topics project.