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History of the Department of Engineering and Science Education

The Department of Engineering and Science Education (ESED) was founded in August 2006 by the Dean of the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, Esin Gulari. Dean Gulari, who served on the National Science Board of the National Science Foundation, had a deep appreciation of how Clemson could contribute to the emerging discipline of Engineering Education and take advantage of Clemson’s reputation for research in science education. At its founding, ESED included General Engineering, which is the first-year student program for engineering majors. Ben Sill was appointed as the founding chair, and two tenure-track faculty were hired. Lisa Benson was the first faculty member hired for ESED.

The Certificate in Engineering and Science Education was approved in 2008 by the Board of Trustees and the first ESED classes were taught during the 2008 fall term. The first group of 15 students completed the certificate in spring 2010. In August 2008, Melanie Cooper, a well-known scholar in chemical education, was appointed interim chair of ESED. Three new faculty members also joined ESED that August.

In the spring of 2010, ESED was reorganized as a separate department, and General Engineering was re-established as a department. In August 2011, the Ph.D. in Engineering and Science Education was approved, and the first students enrolled.