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Dr. Jeff Plumblee

Jeff PlumbleeResearch Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering & Science Education
Department of Civil Engineering
M-10 Holtzendorff Hall


PhD, Clemson University, 2013, Civil Engineering
MBA, Clemson University, 2013, Business Administration
MS, Clemson University, 2009, Civil Engineering
BS, Clemson University, 2008, Civil Engineering

Research Interests:

I create and assess active-learning and service-learning opportunities at Clemson. My primary service-oriented interests are in engineering and innovation; seeking ways to offer service-learning to a broader audience, including partnering with other universities; developing online platforms for service-learning; and engaging students in service-learning at a younger age.

Recent Publications:

Dancz, C.L.A. and Plumblee, J.M. (2016). "Rubric for Evaluating Students’ Graduate Competencies Related to Sustainable Built Environment." IJCER Special Issue on Education for Sustainable Development in the Built Environment. (Under Review)

Bargar, D., Gordon, A.S., Plumblee, J.M., Ogle, J.H., Dancz, C.L.A., and Vaughn, D.E. (2016). “Increasing student development through multi-level immersive learning: Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries case study.” International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship. (Under Review)

Gordon, A.S., Plumblee, J.M., Dimarco, K., Vaughn, D.E., and Ogle J.H. (2016). “Partnering with a local concrete block manufacturing plant to improve quality of construction materials in Haiti’s Central Plateau” Journal of Humanitarian Engineering. (In press)

Dancz, C.L.A., Plumblee, J.M., Bargar, D., Klotz, L.E., and Landis, A.E. (2016). “A Rubric to Assess Civil Engineering Students’ Grand Challenges Sustainable Entrepreneurship Projects.” Conference Proceedings of American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, June 26-29, 2016 New Orleans, LA.

Ogle, J.H., Plumblee, J.M., and Vaughn, D.E. (2016). “Enhancing Students’ Learning Experiences through Translational Research in Multidisciplinary Engineering Education.” Conference Proceedings of American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, June 26-29, 2016 New Orleans, LA.

Plumblee, J., Bargar, D., Dancz, C., Klotz, L., & Landis, A. (2016). Teaching Social Entrepreneurship through a MOOC Format. Proceedings of the 2016 Venturewell Open Conference.

Jonnalagadda, S., Ross, B., & Plumblee, J. (2015). A Method for Assessing Capacity Obsolescence of Highway Bridges. TRB 94th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers, No. 15-5316.

Plumblee, J., & Klotz, L. (2014). Marlo’s windows: why it is a mistake to ignore hazard resistance in LCA. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 19(6), 1173-1178.

Cattano, C., Valdes-Vasquez, R., Plumblee, J. M., & Klotz, L. (2013). Potential Solutions to Common Barriers Experienced during the Delivery of Building Renovations for Improved Energy Performance: Literature Review and Case Study. Journal of Architectural Engineering, 19(3), 164-167.

Plumblee, J., Cattano, C., Bell, L., & Klotz, L. (2012). Fulfilling Engineering Program Objectives through Service Learning Campaigns in Developing Countries. American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Leadership and Management in Engineering 46(12), 46-52.