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Academic Probation Information

A student is placed on academic probation if his or her cumulative GPR falls below 2.0. More specific information is available on the Advising Website.

General Engineering also requires students on academic probation to meet certain criteria.

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General Engineering Advising

GE Specific Probation Information

You are to meet with your advisor prior to the last day to add a class in the semester you’re on probation for. That date is listed online with the official university calendar.

Check your email - Your advisor will send information on the dates, as well as how to go about scheduling a check-in meeting.

Academic Eligibility Criteria

Academic Eligibility is the status that determines whether a student can remain enrolled at Clemson. For further details on policies and procedures, visit this website:

Students have three options to avoid suspension or dismissal (only one of the three must be obtained):

  • Pass at least 12 hours and earn a 2.4 or higher GPA in each term
  • Pass at least 12 hours and earn a 2.4 or higher GPA in summer terms
  • Raise cumulative GPA to a 2.0 OR to the MCGPR listed below:
Attempted Hours*MCGPR
16-29 1.75
30-59 1.85
60-89 1.95
90+ 2.00

*Attempted hours include ALL credit hours attempted at Clemson, plus any advanced standing received from transfer credits and credits based on approved examination programs.

Grade Policy for General Engineering

You must earn a C or higher in all of your General Engineering core courses in order to progress into a degree-granting engineering major. If you do not earn a C or higher, you must retake these courses until you do.

First Semester CoursesSecond Semester Courses
ENGR 1020 ENGR 1410 or CHE 1300 (depending on intended major)
ENGR 1030 PHYS 1220
CH 1010 PHYS 1240 (ME only)
MATH 1060 (or MATH 1040 + 1070) ENGR 1410 or CHE 1300 (depending on intended major)

GPR Requirements

To move from General Engineering into most engineering disciplines, you must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPR (CGPR).


  • Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering require a minimum of 2.6 CGPR
  • Bioengineering requires a minimum of 3.0 CGPR and a grade of C or better in CH 1020
  • Industrial Engineering requires a 2.0 CGPR and a 2.0 eGPA

For GPR requirements of non-engineering majors and additional information on how to change your major, please contact your academic advisor.

LIFE & Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Information

For information on LIFE and Palmetto Fellows scholarships, please consult the Financial Aid Office. You can reach Financial Aid by calling 864.656.2280, checking their website or emailing