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Orientation Overview

Freshmen Sessions

During the first day, freshmen will meet with an academic advisor and/or a faculty member.  He or she will help you to determine your best options for first semester courses.  You will make course decisions based on your AP/IB scores or transfer credit.  Advisors will guide you through your many options.  You will have a chance later that evening to discuss your courses with your parents. 

The next day you will meet with your advisor again to answer any last minute questions, and then you will be taken to a computer lab to register for classes.  Advisors will be present as you register to answer any questions that arise.

Transfer Sessions

Transfer students complete advising and registration on the same day.  You will meet with your academic advisor or a faculty member.  Your courses will be reviewed for use in your intended major.  Based on that information, you and your advisor will select your next semester’s courses.  Later that day, you will be taken to a computer lab to register for courses.  Advisors will be present to answer any questions and suggest alternative courses if needed.

Transfer students who wish to have courses evaluated or re-evaluated should bring catalog course descriptions and course syllabi with them to orientation.  Faculty members will review the additional information and determine whether courses are equivalent and applicable to the major.