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Academic Calendar

View to see start dates, exam weeks, and student holidays for the upcoming semester and academic year.

Academic Forgiveness

The Academic Forgiveness Policy (AFP) allows a student enrolled beginning Fall 2013 to eliminate from the GPA calculation up to three courses in which a D or F was earned.

Academic Success Center

The ASC provides many services such as free tutoring in many subjects, personal and academic success skills workshops, and academic coaching.

Calhoun Honors College

Students accepted to the Honors College have opportunities for personal growth through challenging courses, research opportunities, faculty mentoring, and study abroad experiences.

Career Center

Counselors at the CCPD offer career interest testing, resume writing, interview workshops, and assist students in looking for jobs both on and off campus.


Co-op is an academic engaged program designed to provide the student with an opportunity to learn under a mentor in his or her field of study. Semesters of co-op rotations typically alternate with semesters of classes and result in significant full-time experience for each student.

Creative Inquiry

CI’s provide an innovative and rewarding learning opportunity for students. It allows students to engage in higher-order thinking, reflect on learning, and connect research experiences to their traditional course work.

Financial Aid

Visit Financial Aid if you have questions regarding scholarships, federal assistance, work-study, loans, and need-based grants.

FIRST Program

This program helps ensure success for students who are the first in their family to attend college. FIRST provides academic support and resources as well as social opportunities.


This office within the CCPS offers many unique services for both on-campus and off-campus employers as well as students regarding providing, developing or finding an internship opportunity.

LIFE Scholarship

The LIFE Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for residents of South Carolina who are enrolled full-time. Initial eligibility is based upon achievements in high school. Continuing students also must meet requirements to continue to receive the scholarship.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for entering freshmen. Selection and initial notification is made by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE). Application is made during the senior year of high school through the high school guidance office.


The purpose of PEER is to help freshman minority students adjust to their new life at Clemson and excel academically in their chosen field of study through tutoring and other support services.

Pre-Health Advising

Any student interested in pursuing a professional health school after graduation should visit the Pre-Health advising center. Most schools have neither preferences nor prejudices concerning any curriculum or major, but it is important to meet the prerequisites for applying.

Re-admission to Clemson

If you were previously enrolled as a regular student at Clemson
(not a special or transient student) but are not enrolled in the current term, you are classified as a former student. If you want to return to the university, you must fill out the Undergraduate Application for Re-Admission.

RiSE Living-Learning Community

Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE) Living-Learning Community is a unique residential community designed for freshmen in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. The mission of the RiSE LLC is to assist students in their transition to college by combining the academic and residential experiences in order to foster academic success and facilitate professional development.

Schedule of Classes

View the courses that are planning to be offered in the upcoming semesters.

STEM enhancement

Visit this page for information regarding the basic eligibility requirements for the enhanced rewards of the LIFE and Palmetto Fellows scholarships.

Student Disability Services

A team of professional staff works with students with documented disabilities to develop strategies and to offer accommodations both in and out of the classroom. Students with both visible and invisible disabilities can be eligible for services.

Study Abroad

Clemson Study Abroad provides opportunities to expand student learning beyond the classroom into unique and often challenge cultural contexts. Students can study abroad through a faculty-directed program, exchange program, or via a third party organization.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is a series of weekly review sessions or study sessions for students enrolled in historically difficult classes. The current semester’s schedule is posted online.


The ASC offers free drop-in tutoring for over 100 courses. The current semester’s schedule is posted online.

Undergraduate Announcements

The Undergraduate Announcements is a one-stop document regarding university policies, academic calendars, information on student services, general education requirements, major curriculums, and course descriptions.

University Policies

It is important to familiarize yourself with the policies Clemson has in place.

Veteran Affairs

The Student Veteran Resource Center provides an accessible and convenient space for interaction with fellow veterans as well as connections to campus resources.


Women in Science and Engineering is a program dedicated to meet the needs of today’s female college student majoring in a STEM field. WiSE offers a lot of services that promote success, present career opportunities and provide students with networking.