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Prof. Matt Miller

Prof. Matt MillerLecturer
RiSE Faculty Director

General Engineering
107 Lever Hall, Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634

Phone: (864) 656-2541


  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering and Science Education, Clemson University, 2010
  • M.S., Clemson University, 2008, Industrial Engineering
  • B.S., Clemson Unviersity, 2007, Industrial Engineering

Certifications & Licenses

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

Courses Taught

  • ENGR 1020 - Engineering Disciplines and Skills (introduction to engineering, problem solving, analysis using Excel)
  • ENGR 1050/1060 - Engineering Disciplines and Skills I/II (summer, online)
  • ENGR 1410 - Programming and Problem Solving (introductory computer programming in MATLAB)
  • ENGR 1900 - Creative Inquiry in Engineering (Design for All Abilities)
  • IE 2100 Lab - Design and analysis of work systems
  • Via the Governor's School for Science and Mathematics 'Accelerate' Program
    • ENGR 1490 - Introduction to Engineering (Honors 10th Grade Pre-Engineering I)
    • ENGR 1510 - Engineering Skills (Honors 10th Grade Pre-Engineering II)

Professional Activities

  • Member, ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education
  • Member, IIE - Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Member, HFES - Human Factors and Ergonomoics Society
  • Alumni Brother, Phi Sigma Pi - National Honor Fraternity


Refereed Journal Publications

  1. Miller, M.K., Martin, J.P., and Orr, M.K. (2014). Toward determining changes in engineering-related social capital: resource composition as students make decisions about college. Journal of Education and Training, 1(2), 72-91.

  2. Martin, J.P., Miller, M.K., and Simmons, D.R. (2014). Exploring the Theoretical Social Capital "Deficit" of First Generation College Students: Implications for Engineering Education. International Journal of Engineering Education, 30(4), 822-836.

  3. Martin, J.P., Brown, S., Miller, M.K., and Stefl, S.K. (2015). Characterizing Engineering Student Social Capital in Relation to Demographics. International Journal of Engineering Education, 31(4), 914-926.

Conference Proceedings (reviewed)

  1. Pfirman, A.L., Miller, M.K., Santana Alvarez, G.A., and Martin, J.P. (2014). First Generation College Students' Access to Engineering Social capital: Towards Developing a Richer Understanding of Important Alters. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference, Madrid, Spain.

  2. Martin, J.P., Miller, M.K., and Kennedy, M.S. (2012). Graduate Students: Influential Agents of Social Capital for Engineering Undergraduate Researchers. Proceedings of the 119th American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas.

  3. Martin, J.P., Gipson, K., and Miller, M.K. (2011). Developing a Survey Instrument to Characterize Social Capital Resources Impacting Undergraduates’ Decisions to Enter and Persist in Engineering. Proceedings of the 41st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference, Rapid City, South Dakota.

  4. Trenor, J.M., Miller, M.K., and Gipson, K. (2011). Utilization of a Think-Aloud Protocol to Cognitively Validate a Survey Instrument Identifying Social Capital Resources of Engineering Undergraduates. Proceedings of the 118th ASEE Annual Conference & Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada.

  5. Miller, M.K. and Garrett, S.K. (2010). Investigating Mechanic Injuries during Aircraft Maintenance using Human Error Frameworks. Proceedings of the 2010 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Cancun, Mexico.

  6. Miller, M.K. and Garrett, S.K. (2009). Improving Disaster Volunteer Safety through Data Collection and Skills Matching. Proceedings of the 2009 Industrial Engineering Research Conference. Miami, Florida, 979-984.

  7. Miller, M.K., Childers, A.K., and Taaffe, K.M. (2009). Improving Reorder Quantities and Forecasting Methodologies through Simulation. Proceedings of the 2009 Industrial Engineering Research Conference. Miami, Florida, 1664-1669.

Magazine Articles

  1. Grigg, S.J., Garrett, S.K., and Miller, M.K. (2009). Helping a Hospital Shine. Industrial Engineer, 41(10), 24-29. (Cover Story)