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Cognitive Ergonomics and Systems Engineering Laboratory

Clemson IE conducts human factors research on various complex, data-rich domains including, and not limited to: healthcare, military applications, and aviation.

Formerly a computer lab and video recording studio, 132 Freeman Hall has undergone significant renovations to transform it into a state of the art research lab that is equipped to enable researchers to apply principles from cognitive ergonomics and systems engineering to bridge the gap between humans and technology.

The Riggs Lab features:

  • Two rooms to be used for experimental studies
  • Computer workstations for researchers and subjects
  • Eye tracking equipment
  • Tactors for tactile research (i.e. presenting information using the sense of touch) 

Students and researchers are able to develop simulations of complex domains in their research studies. In addition, students not affiliated with the Riggs Lab have the opportunity to be part of various research studies as participants. The findings from the studies will ultimately be used to inform the design of displays, interfaces, and systems in various domains. 

For more information contact Dr. Sara Riggs.