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Forms for Graduate Students

General Forms

All forms necessary for progressing in graduate degree programs are available directly from the Graduate School.

General Forms

All Ph.D. Students must complete a Dissertation Proposal Form when they present their dissertation proposal to their committee. This form is to be given to Ms. Monique Williams after it has been signed by all members of the committee.

Evaluation Forms

Per Graduate School Policy, all students receiving assistantships are expected to participate in a review process. The graduate school will not renew continuing assistantships if the most recent evaluation is not on file. The IE department evaluation forms include:

Form:Description:Due no later than:
Evaluation Form 1 Goal setting form at the beginning of the term 2 weeks from the start of the term
Evaluation Form 2 Student self-assessment of performance at the end of the term 2 weeks from the end of the term
Evaluation Form 3 Faculty supervisor assessment of the performance at the end of the term 2 weeks from the end of the term

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the process with their supervisor. When the form is complete with all signatures, give it to Ms. Monique Williams by the due date above.
Tip:   If your supervisor is staying the same, it’s efficient to complete Form 1 for the upcoming semester with your supervisor while you are completing Forms 2 & 3 for the semester you’re finishing up.

Breadth Requirement Form

All Ph.D. students must complete a Breadth Requirement Form to document how they have acquired breadth of knowledge in their discipline. Details concerning the Breadth Requirement can be found in the Graduate Handbook.

IE 8900 - Special Problems in Industrial Engineering

Students interested in taking IE 8900 with an IE faculty member must fill out: IE 8900 Form. This form states the work that the student will perform for the faculty member and documents it prior to enrolling in IE 8900.