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Cost & Admissions

Admission into the Master of Engineering program is highly competitive. The first 50 qualified applicants are accepted into an annual cohort via rolling admissions, i.e., applicants are screened and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis as applications are received.  Only completed applications with all required documents are reviewed for admission. The online application process is not difficult, but it is recommended that applicants begin the process early on, since acquiring transcripts and the letter of recommendation frequently requires some lead time. The typical timeline is:

  • September: Graduate School begins accepting applications

  • September-April: Applications are screened, reviewed & accepted/rejected as they are completed

  • March-April: New cohort is finalized as candidates accept/decline offers into MEng program

  • April-May: New students register, pay tuition, and begin their first course in middle of May


The current cost for the MEng online program is $864 per credit hour (one, 3 hour course/semester) plus an estimated $122 in fees, or approximately $2,714 per course/semester (refer to: Online Programs Graduate Tuition per Credit Hours - Tier 2 Program ). Rates and fees are subject to annual adjustments.

Textbooks are an additional cost, but instructors have selected books that will be used in more than one course, creating a "library" of references for the future.

Students in the MEng program do not qualify for traditional financial aid, since students take only three credit hours per semester and are classified as part-time students. Financial assistance for course tuition and expenses is typically funded by individuals or employer sponsored tuition reimbursement programs. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm eligibility with their employer before enrolling.

Admissions Requirements

M.Eng. Video - Admissions & Applying View Admissions & Applying video

The minimum requirements for admissions to the program are:

  1. Bachelors Degree from an Accredited University
    If you have a degree from a non-US university, please contact the Program Coordinator (Bill Ferrell at ) before you begin the application process so your degree can be verified as equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the US.

  2. Relevant Industry Experience
    Applicants must possess a minimum of three years of relevant industry experience after earning their undergraduate degree. The reason for this requirement is that our experience suggests that students receive maximum benefit from this program when they can relate and apply the content of the program and coursework to “real world problems and situations they have actually encountered.

  3. Letter of Recommendation
    This letter should come from your supervisor or manager as an endorsement indicating that this program fits within your career objectives and that you have exhibited the skills, discipline, desire, and intelligence necessary to succeed in this online program.

  4. Sufficient Mathematical Background
    Applicants must meet the admission requirements prior to starting the program by having passed: 1) engineering calculus or 2) having passed at least one semester of business calculus plus one semester of statistics . If you do not meet this requirement, please arrange to fulfill the requirement prior to applying to the program.

Please contact the Program Coordinator (Bill Ferrell at ) if you have any questions.

NOTE: Only students residing in the states listed on the State Authorization web page or outside of the US can be admitted into online degree programs at this time. The University is actively seeking authorization in all other states. Direct any questions or concerns about state authorization to Clemson Online , at (864) 656-9320.

How to Apply

Applying to the program is very straightforward.

1. Applications for all graduate programs at Clemson University are completed online via the Graduate School Website. Fill out on-line application by creating an account at “Getting Started” and then proceed to complete the application for “Online Graduate Degree Seeking Application.”

a. On page 4 of the application, "Program Selection", be sure to select Program Name : Industrial Engineering (online); Program Code: MENGR-INEN-F; Degree Code : MEngr; Degree Name : Masters

b. Also, make sure when you "Select Term", select: Summer 2018 ;and "Save the selection". The page will look similar to the image below.

M.Eng. Grad School Application

2. The final steps in the process are to pay the application fee, submit your undergraduate transcripts to the university, and have your letter of recommendation sent to the university, as instructed in the application directions.

M.Eng. Information

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