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Program Overview

Are you a working professional who wishes to remain employed full-time but desires knowledge and opportunities that an advanced degree can offer?

Have you considered online MBA programs, but they just didn't quite seem to be the right fit for you and your goals?

Have you tried taking classes after work, but they don’t fit your schedule or you are just too tired to really learn?

If so, Clemson’s online Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (MEng in IE) might be exactly what you are looking for. The MEng is:

  • Designed exclusively for full-time, working professionals.
  • A full-fledged master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University- no caveats like “distance university” or “masters in supply chain.”
  • An online master’s degree program with no residency requirements.
  • A technology-enhanced program where assignments and lectures are delivered via the Internet and can be completed 24/7 from anywhere in the world (streamed video lectures that can be viewed on or downloaded to computers and/or portable devices).
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Each May, up to 50 new students are accepted into the program through rolling admissions. This means that the first 50 qualified applicants that apply prior to the April 15th application deadline are offered placement into the program. Students complete one class per semester during the summer, fall, and spring semesters (three classes per year). Taking a single course per semester promotes a balance between work, school, and family life. The program is lockstep, meaning courses are offered in a set order in which students must pass/complete each class before progressing to the next class in the program.

The curriculum consists of 10 multidisciplinary courses and integrates fundamentals and tools from industrial engineering, civil engineering/project management, and management. The format provides a knowledge base of information and techniques that prepare students to solve current problems and improve processes, along with a depth and breadth that prepares students to address the problems of tomorrow.

The advanced classes concentrate on the capital projects supply chain, which students working in that industry find particularly beneficial. However, the industrial engineering fundamentals learned throughout coursework and projects during the program can be applied to just about any domain. Even if you don’t currently work on capital projects, or even know what capital projects are, the concepts and knowledge gained are relevant and transferable to diverse businesses and industries.

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Explore the informational videos created with the same technology used by our instructors to present online lectures to students enrolled in the program.

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Program Overview




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