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Dr. J. Cole Smith

Dr. Cole Smith Professor &  Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives

Department of Industrial Engineering
100-B Freeman Hall, Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0920

Phone: (315) 443-4341

Personal Web Page:


BS, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University, 1996

PhD, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Virginia Tech, 2000

Research Areas

Integer programming and combinatorial optimization, network flows and facility location, computational optimization methods, and large-scale optimization due to uncertainty or robustness considerations.

Professional Awards

2011 IERC Best Operations Research Track Paper Award
2010 Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Young Industrial Engineer in Education Award
2009 IIE Operations Research Division Teaching Award
2008 IERC Best Logistics and Inventory Track Paper Award
2007 IIE Transactions Best Paper Award (Lim and Smith, 2007)
2002 Young Investigator Award recipient (awarded by Office of Naval Research)

Selected Publications

Curry, R.M. and Smith, J.C. , “Models and Algorithms for Maximum Flow Problems Having Semicontinuous Path Flow Constraints,“ IISE Transactions , 50(6), 484-498, 2018.

Lozano, L. and Smith, J.C. , “A Value-Function-Based Exact Approach for the Bilevel Mixed-Integer Programming Problem,” Operations Research , 65(3), 768-786, 2017.

Lozano, L. and Smith, J.C., “A Backward Sampling Framework for Interdiction Problems with Fortification,” INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29(1), 123-139, 2017.

Sefair, J. and Smith, J.C., “Dynamic Shortest-Path Interdiction,” Networks, 68(4), 315-330, 2016.

Romich, A., Lan, G., and Smith, J.C. , “Optimizing Placement of Stationary Monitors,” IIE Transactions , 47(6), 556-576, 2015.

Sullivan, K.M., Smith, J.C., and Morton, D.P., “Convex Hull Representation of the Deterministic Bipartite Network Interdiction Problem,”  Mathematical Programming, 145(1-2), 349-376, 2014.

Behdani, B. and Smith, J.C., “An Integer-Programming-Based Approach to the Close-Enough Traveling Salesman Problem,”  INFORMS Journal on Computing, 26(3), 415-432, 2014.

Professional Affiliations

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Institute of Industrial Engineers

    TutORials in Operations Research
Department/Area Editor:
    IIE Transactions
    Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science
Editorial Board:
    Operations Research
    Optimization Letters
    Journal of Problem Solving