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IE Alumni Fast Facts

Among recent graduates, approximately 88% are currently employed or enrolled in advanced degree programs, 10% are seeking employment, and 2% are doing other things.  

IE Alumni USA

Geographically, Clemson IE Alumni are primarily concentrated in South Carolina and Georgia; however, they also have secondary concentrations in the southeast including in Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia.  Interestingly, other states where a significant number our alumni are finding jobs include California, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Many of our IE Alumni have gone on to join the workforce in the following areas:

  • Industrial
    • Operations and Supply Chain Analyst 
    • Usability Analyst
    • Manufacturing Management
    • Information Engineering
    • Computer Systems Design and Development
    • Quality and Health Care Analyst
    • Process Engineer
  • Production
    • Assembly Line Engineer
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Sales Manager
  • Management
    • Project Manager
    • Post Market Compliance/ Surveillance Manager
    • Distribution Manager
  • Consulting
    • Risk Analyst
  • Research and Development

Note the wide range of industries and companies that employee Clemson University alumni in industrial engineering. Please contact us to have your company added to the growing list of companies that value the contributions of Clemson IE alumni.