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Dr. B. Rae Cho

Dr. Byung Rae Cho

Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Department of Industrial Engineering
268 Freeman Hall, Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0920

Phone: (864) 656-1874
Fax: (864) 656-0795


MS, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Ohio State University

PhD, Industrial Engineering
University of Oklahoma

Research Areas

Cho’s research interests lie in the intersection between computational/mathematical statistics and deterministic/stochastic operations research, with a focus on theoretical foundations and conceptual/methodological developments in quality engineering.  Specific application domains include robust parameter design, deterministic/stochastic process capability analysis, statistical convolutions, Six Sigma, healthcare, and military operations research.

Selected Journal Publications

Krenek, R., Cha, J., Cho, B.R., and Sharp, J.L., Development of Statistical Convolutions of Truncated Normal and Truncated Skew Normal Distributions, Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, to appear.

Ozdemir, A. and Cho, B.R., “A Nonlinear Integer Programming Approach to Solving the Robust Parameter Design Optimization Problem,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 32 (8), 2859-2870, 2016

Goethals, P., Boylan, G., and Cho, B.R., “Broadening the Damage Function in Modeling an Array of Military Applications,” Military Operations Research, 20(1), 39-63, 2015.

Boylan, G. and Cho, B.R., “Robust Parameter Design in Embedded High-Variability Production Processes: an Alternative Approach to Mitigating Sources of Variability,” International Journal of Production Research, 51(15), 4517-4538, 2013.

Boylan, G., Goethals, P., and Cho, B.R., “Robust Parameter Design in Resource-Constrained Environments: An Investigation of Trade-offs between Costs and Precision within Variable Processes,” Applied Mathematical Modeling, 37, 2394-2416, 2013.

Goethals, P. and Cho, B.R., “Designing the Optimal Process Mean Vector for Mixed Multiple Quality Characteristics,” IIE Transactions, 44, 1002-1021, 2012.

Goethals, P. and Cho, B.R., “Reverse Programming the Optimal Process Mean Problem to Identify a Factor Space Profile,” European Journal of Operational Research, 215, 204-217, 2011.

Courses Taught

ENGR 1200 Engineering Problem Solving and Design (U)
IE 3610 Industrial Applications of Probability and Statistics II (U)
IE 3800, Deterministic Operations Research (U)
IE 3810, Probabilistic Operations Research (U)
IE 4020 Creative Inquiry (U)
IE 4610 Quality Engineering (U)
IE 4620/6620 Six Sigma Quality (U/G)
IE 8030 Engineering Optimization (G)
IE 8050 Foundations in Quality Engineering (G)
IE 8090 Modeling Systems under Risk (G)
IE 8530 Foundations of Quality (G)
IE 8710 Reliability Engineering and Industrial Testing (G)
IE 9710 Advanced Quality Engineering (G)

Professional Affiliations

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology (2009-2015)
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage (2009-2012)
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Experimental Design and Process Optimization (2010-2013)


1996 | Professor of the Year
2009 | Clemson University Board of Trustee Award for Faculty Excellence
2010 | Clemson University Board of Trustee Award for Faculty Excellence
2011 | Professor of the Year

Research Laboratories

Center for Excellence in Quality
Advanced Quality Engineering Laboratory