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PhD Program Graduates

Students who graduate with advanced degrees from Clemson IE go on to succeed in prestigious jobs in industry and academia. IE students are increasingly being recognized for their research contributions with national fellowships and awards. In 2016 Clemson IE was ranked 27th overall and 20th among public institutions by US News & World ReportBelow is a listing of our PhD program graduates, dissertation title, and committee chair(s):



  • Abdelwahab Alwahishie, “Considering Disaster Volunteer Behavior and the Work Environment in Managerial Decision Making”
  • Farhad Shari, “Analysis of Allocation Rules for Heart Transplantation”
  • Katherina Jurewicz, “Using a Bayesian Framework to Develop 3D Gestural Input Systems Based on Expertise and Exposure in Anesthesia”
  • Mahasa Kiani, “Essays on Tactical and Operational Problems in Healthcare”
  • Dahui Liu, “Optimizing Energy Savings for a Fleet of Commercial Autonomous Vehicles via Centralized and Decentralized Platooning Decisions”
  • Shraddhha Narasimha, “Forming Impressions on Computer-Mediated Healthcare Peer-Support Systems for Informal Caregivers”


  • Amro Khasawneh, "Systems engineering approaches to minimize the viral spread of social media challenges" (Madathil & Gramopadhye)
  • Seyed Amir Ali Nasrollah Zadeh, "Approximate Dynamic Programming: Health Care Applications" (Khademi)
  • Ceyda Best, "Control of Infectious Disease in Metapopulations (B. Eksioglu, Khademi) (B. Eksioglu & Khademi)
  • Timothy Holzmann, "Network Interdiction Under Uncertainty" (Smith)


  • Site Wang, “Electrical Infrastructure Adaptation for a Changing Climate” (Mason)
  • Mowen Lu, “Optimization Methods in Electric Power Systems: Global Solutions for Optimal Power Flow and Algorithms for Resilient Design under Geomagnetic Disturbances” (S. Eksioglu & Mason)
  • Robert Curry, “Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Network Flow Problems Arising in Wireless Sensor Network Applications” (Smith)
  • Zahra Azadi, “Stochastic Optimization Models for Perishable Products”
  • Hadi Karimi,Optimization Models for Sustainable Design and Management of Biopower Supply Chains” (S. Eksioglu)
  • Russell Krenek, “Accounting for Uncertainty in Process Optimization Initiatives with Statistical Convolutions and Stochastic Programming Techniques” (Cho)
  • Kathryn Pegues, “Precision Medicine: Viable Pathways to Address Existing Research Gaps” (Cho)


  • Anas Alsayed Alghazi, "Balancing and Sequencing of Mixed Model Assembly Lines" (Kurz)
  • Sreenath Chalil Madathil, "Modeling and Analysis of Remote Off-Grid Microgrids" (Mason)
  • Leonardo Lozano, "Exact Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Multilevel Programming Problems" (Smith)
  • Dotan Shvorin, "Understanding the Relationship Between Performance Characteristics, Shot Selection and Decision-Making in the Game of Tennis" (Taaffe)
  • Melissa Zelaya-Floyd, Exploring The Role of Simulation and Visualization Tools in Improving Learning Outcomes in Support of Technology Programs" (Gramopadhye)
  • Myrtede Alfred, "Learning in Simulated Environments: The Impact of Physical Fidelity on Acquisition, Retention and Transfer" (Neyens & Gramopadhye)
  • Anintaya Khamkanya, "A Theoretical Foundation for the Development of Process Capability Indices and Process Parameters Optimization Under Truncated and Censoring Schemes" (Cho)
  • Akin Ozdemir, "Development of the D-Optimality-Based Coordinate-Exchange Algorithm for an Irregular Design Space and the Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Robust Parameter Design Optimization" (Cho)


  • Ling Zu, "The Study of Static Bicycle Reposition Problem with Single Vehicles" (Kurz)
  • Nadeepa Wickramage, "Time Based Modeling of Storage Facility Operations" (Ferrell)
  • Nazanin Zinouri, "Improving Healthcare Resource Management Through Demand Prediction and Staff Scheduling" (Taaffe)
  • Sijun Shen, "Quantifying Drivers’ Response to Failures of Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Systems" (Neyens)


  • Bryan Pearce, "A Study on General Assembly Line Balancing Modeling Methods and Techniques" (Kurz)
  • Melissa Dorlette Paul, "An Investigation of the Efficiency of Synergistic Multicultural Teams" (Gramopadhye)
  • Yushi Yang, "Nursing Interruption Dynamics: The Impact of Work System Factors" (Neyens & Rodriguez)
  • Robert Allen, "Intelligent Prediction of End Times for a Series of Surgical Cases" (Taaffe)
  • Jinho Cha, "Re-establishing the Theoretical Foundations of a Truncated Normal Distribution: Standardization, Statistical Inference, and Convolution" (Cho & Sharp)
  • Hsin-Li Chan, "Customer-Driven Quality by Design Through the Response Surface Methodology and Non-Linear Optimization" (Cho)
  • Reshmi Koikkara, "The Use of Graphic Organizers and Interactive Design Techniques to Improve the Performance of Electronic Consenting Systems" (Gramopadhye & Greenstein)
  • Jon Lowe, "Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Master Production Planning" (Mason)
  • Kasin Ransikarbum, "Disaster Management Cycle-Based Integrated Humanitarian Supply Network Management" (Mason)


  • Fatmah Bader Almazkoor, "Two-Phase Planning and Material Movement in Multiple Construction Projects" (Ferrell)
  • Kevin Juang, "Integrating Visual Mnemonics and Input Feedback with Passphrases to Improve the Usability and Security of Digital Authentication" (Greenstein)
  • Mariah Magagnotti, "Modeling Supply Chain Acquisitions" (Mason)
  • Sherif Ali Mohamed Masoud, "Integrated Models and Algorithms for Automotive Supply Chain Optimization" (Mason)
  • Kanchala Sudtachat, "Dispatching Policy Under Multi-Tier Response and Compliance Table Policy Under Single Type of Server for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Systems" (Mason)


  • Naji Shuib Abdelwanis, "Characteristics and Contributing Factors of Emergency Crashes" (Neyens)
  • Awatef Omar Ergai, "Assessment of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (Hfacs): Inter-Rater and Intra-Rater Reliability" (Gramopadhye & Shappell)
  • Kapil Chalil Madathil, "Building the Science of Healthcare Public Reporting: Integrating Anecdotal Information to Enhance Sensemaking" (Greenstein)
  • Gary Sherman Palmer II, "Predicting Individual versus Team Surgical Flow Disruption Recovery in Cardiothoracic Operating Rooms" (Rodriguez)
  • Essam Zuhair Namouz, "Automated Assembly Time Estimation Method" (Summers)
  • Hector Hernan Toro Diaz, "Joint Location and Dispatching Decisions for Emergency Medical Service Systems" (Mayorga)
  • Gregory Louis Boylan, "Robust Parameter Design in Complex Engineering Systems: Analytics, Modeling, and Optimization under Asymmetric and High-Variability Conditions" (Cho)
  • Yuan-Han Huang, "lution of Medication Administration Workflow in Implementing Electronic Health Record System" (Gramopadhye)


  • Sarah Jane Grigg, "A Process Analysis of Engineering Problem Solving and Assessment of Problem Solving Skills" (Greenstein)
  • Narges Hosseini, "Managing Elective and Non-Elective Case Assignments for an Operating Room Suite" (Taaffe)
  • Wennian Li, "Integrated Production and Distribution Problem with Single Perishable Products" (Ferrell)
  • Alireza Madadi, "Supply Chain Network Design: Risk-Averse Vs. Risk-Neutral Decision Making" (Kurz)
  • Damitha Niranjan Nalaka Bandara, "Districting and Dispatching Policies to Improve the Efficiency of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Systems" (Mayorga)
  • Rebecca Michelle Iden, "A Comprehensive Human Factors Analysis of Off-Duty Motor Vehicle Crashes in the United States Military" (Shappell)
  • Zhe Li, "Research and Development Effort in Developing the Optimal Formulations for New Tablet Drugs" (Cho)


  • Sunarin Chanta, "Improving Quality of Service in EMS Systems by Reducing Disparities between Service Zones" (Mayorga)
  • Chan-Sik Kim, "The Effects of Weather Recognition Training on Pilot Situation Assessment and Tactical Decision Making When Confronted with Adverse Weather Conditions" (Shappell)
  • Odette Saleeby Reifsnider, "Anticipating U.S. Population-Level Health and Economic Impacts Using DiscreteEvent Simulation to Guide Health Policy Decisions" (Mayorga)
  • Ornurai Sangsawang, "Metaheuristics for Hub Location Models" (Kurz)
  • Jaclyn Baron, "Pilot Weather Decision Making and the Influence of Passenger Pressure" (Shappell)
  • Ping-Nan Chiang, "A Decision Support System for Assessing Conveyance Options and Modeling Passenger Flow in Airport Terminals" (Taaffe)
  • Paul L Goethals, Jr, "Modeling and Optimization of Stochastic Process Parameters in Complex Engineering Systems" (Cho)


  • Katherine Alice Berry, "A Meta-Analysis of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System: Establishing Standards and Human Error Latent Failure Pathway Associations" (Shappell)
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan Aly, "Order Picking and Storage Using Stackable Pallets in a Warehouse" (Ferrell)
  • Mark Hadon McElreath, "Assortment Planning with Multiple Quality Levels Using Locational Choice" (Mayorga)
  • Thashika Dhananjaya Rupasinghe, "An Investigation of Metaheuristics Using Path-Relinking on the Quadratic Assignment Problem" (Kurz)
  • Ashley Kay Childers, "Prioritizing Patients for Emergency Evacuation from a Healthcare Facility" (Taaffe)
  • Jun Duanmu, "Hospital Evacuation Analysis and the Methodologies in Traffic Management under a Crowded City Evacuation Process" (Taaffe)


  • Jessica Marrie Patterson, "Human Error in Mining: A Multivariable Analysis of Fatal and Non-Fatal Mining Accidents using the Hfacs Framework" (Shappell)
  • Michael Whitfield Sawyer, "A Scanpath Comparison of the Salient Features of Weather among General Aviation Pilots Based On Training and Experience" (Shappell)
  • Sara Elizabeth Stasiukaitis Yoder, "An Investigation on the use and Flexibility of Genetic Algorithms for Logistic Regression" (Kurz)
  • Abdul-Baasit Shaibu, "Development of the Integrated Censored Robust-Tolerance Engineering Design Systems Via Improved Response Surface Modeling" (Cho)


  • Sajay Sadasivan, "Effective VR: Interplay of Presence, Perception, Fidelity and Transfer Effects in the Development of Inspection Training Simulators" (Gramopadhye)