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Researchers Wanted -- Ultrasonic Soldering

Ultrasonic soldering (U/S) is a `flux-less’ soldering process that uses ultrasonic energy to join dissimilar materials; such as glass to metal.  The ultrasonic field is known to induce cavitation in the melt resulting in large, localized temperature and pressure, which removes the oxide layer of the substrate. A number of factors are known to affect solder quality; ultrasonic frequency and power, solder composition, substrate preparation, heat transfer in the melt, and solder tip speed. The science of the process is complex and involves fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solidification and phase change, wetting, and adhesion. The goal of this project is to investigate the multi-scale physics of ultrasonic soldering. We are looking for multiple graduate students to work on projects that involve 1) wetting and adhesion, 2) FEA analysis of the solder stack and 3) solidification and cavitation modeling. 

US citizenship is required.

If interested, please contact Dr. Bostwick or Dr. Thompson