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New Student Info

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University!

Congratulations again on your admission to the graduate program in ME at Clemson; we are excited to have you join us in the upcoming semester! Below you will find important information to relevant to starting your graduate program. Please read through this information carefully to avoid late fees or registration holds.

Start with this check list for new students on the Graduate School’s website:
All students must accept their admission offer to be eligible to register for classes; see the check list for instructions for accepting your offer.

If you have not created your Clemson email account, please do so. Communications from the department, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office, etc. is sent to your Clemson email address ( Please make sure the Clemson email address is marked as the preferred email address in iROAR. Information about setting up your email is found on the CCIT web page: For username and password issues, please contact the IT Helpdesk at or 864-656-3494.

International students, please also see the International Student Arrival Guide: Note that all matters related to visas and I-20 forms for international students are managed by International Services. For questions regarding the visa process, please contact International Services at:
Phone: 864-656-3614

All students are required to read the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Manual, available here:

Once you have read the manual, please fill out Form 15 on the last page and send the signed form via email to

New students are encouraged to attend Graduate School orientation. A departmental orientation will be held separately; students will be notified of dates and times via email.

Students planning to complete a PhD or a thesis master’s degree are required to identify a research advisor. MS students entering the graduate program without a research advisor will be designated as non-thesis, and their initial advisor will be the Graduate Director. Dr. Paul Joseph will be Graduate Director starting August 15, 2019; until then, Dr. Joshua Summers ( is the default advisor for new students.

There is no guarantee of assistantship funding with the admission to the graduate program.

Students who have been admitted should review the research areas of individual faculty found on their respective websites and may contact the faculty.

Course registration should be done with guidance from your advisor. In this case, you will need to register for four courses. These courses depend on your area of interest. Students can, with approved advising from the Director of Graduate Students, modify these after the departmental orientation. More information on how to register for courses can be found on the Registration Portal: All full-time students must register for a minimum of nine credit hours in fall and spring semesters. Students in the non-thesis master’s program are expected to register for 12 credit hours in fall and spring.

All entering graduate students are required to meet immunization requirements (information here: All required forms should be submitted prior to July 1 for summer/fall enrollment and December 1 for spring enrollment. Students not in compliance with the immunization requirements may have a hold placed on future registrations and may be subject to a late fee.

Adequate health insurance is required for all full-time graduate students. Students may enroll in the health insurance plan offered through Clemson or may request a waiver if they plan to maintain alternate insurance. Students who have alternate insurance may submit a Request for Waiver online at to certify that adequate and acceptable health insurance will be maintained during the academic year. All Requests for Waiver are verified and approved or denied by Academic Health Plans. Information on insurance is available here:

Most graduate students find housing off campus. Information about Clemson and off-campus living can be found here:

Tuition and fee schedules can be found here: All students, even those on assistantships, are responsible for paying student fees. Information on paying your tuition bill is available here:

Payment deadlines and billing information can be found here:

If you register for courses after the tuition payment deadline, you will need to pay your tuition and fees the same day you register for courses. Contact the Financial Aid Office concerning deadlines for paying fees and the cost of missing the deadline.

More resources for new graduate students:

Graduate School’s Policy Handbook:

Graduate Student Guidebook:

Link to Academic Calendars: