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ME Assistantships

The following is a list of Research Assistantships which are currently open within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This list may not reflect every available research position. You are encouraged to contact any faculty member whose research interests parallel your own. In addition to the positions listed below Teaching Assistantships and Grading Assistantships are offered every semester.

PositionProject TitleDescriptionSponsorStart DateAdvisor NameLab WebsiteStatus of Project
GRA (PHD) Removal of DPM, silica, and coal dust using high volume fog generation The student will design, build, and operate an experimental apparatus that will quantify the degree to which high volume fog, combined with a cyclone separator, removes particles from a flow. Particles investigated will include nanoparticles. The student will learn to use and operate various particle sensing equipment. Alpha Foundation January 2017 John R. Saylor Funded
GRA (PHD) Uncovering the dynamic characteristics and functionalities of origami structures and materials The PhD student will perform design, analysis, and experimental works to investigate and harness the fundamental dynamics of origami folding. Eventually, we want to transform the art of paper folding into multi-functional structure design -- folding structures that could not only withstand the external load, but also provide embedded dynamic applications like vibration isolation, impact absorption, or rapid shape change. Clemson Startup Grant September 2016 Suyi Li Funded (internal)
GRA (PHD) Design of Fontan Cavopulmonary Assist PHD students will use benchtop experiments and physiology modeling to optimize the design and implementation of blood pumps in single-ventricle patients. AHA August 2016 Ethan Kung CMERL Submitted
GRA (PHD) Assessment of cardiac function via ventricular assist device operation PHD students will explore, design, develop, and test a method for assessing the cardiac function in a patient by analyzing the behaviours of a blood pump installed in the patient. This work will be done on a benchtop testing system and not on an actual patient, therefore there will be no risk to any human subjects. CMERL August 2016 Ethan Kung CMERL Funded (internal)
GRA (PHD) Design for Manufacturing Rule Based Advisory System A collaborative team (ME and AuE) will develop a DFM advisory system for making joining decisions in automotive body construction. The system should be expandable to incorporate new technologies while providing engineers with tradeoff information. Automotive OEM (private until release from sponsor) August 2016 Joshua D. Summers CEDAR Pending (negotiation with sponsor)
GRA (PHD) Graph Complexity Metrics as a Tool for Evaluation Representation Value PHD student will conduct a series of experiments (computational) that will explore the ability of different representations (varied levels of abstraction) to predict different performance metrics (market price, assembly quality, assembly time). These experiments will form the foundation for a representational value metric that can be used to compare different representations within engineering design. CEDAR August 2016 Joshua D. Summers CEDAR Funded (internal)
GRA (PHD) In-vitro Experimentation of Cardiovascular Devices and Procedures PHD students will develop, construct, and validate a benchtop experimental system which mimics in-vivo cardiovascular conditions and physiologic feedback to be used for medical device testing and medical procedure investigation. CMERL January 2016 Ethan Kung CMERL Funded (STUDENT HIRED)
GRA (PHD) Requirements Evolution A collaborative team (Clemson and Florida Tech) will conduct a series of case studies (industry and student projects) to evaluate and extend an existing AI based change prediction tool. The goal is to be able to better predict evolutionary changes within projects to better manage project scope. NSF August 2015 Joshua D. Summers CEDAR Funded (STUDENT HIRED)