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Seminar Series

"Design research at DTU"

Mr. Jakob Axel Bejbro Andersen

Ph.D. Student
Denmark Technical University (DTU)


My overall research goal is to provide high tech entrepreneurs with tools and recommendations that can help them in commercialising difficult technologies with great technological uncertainty (low TRLs) and large investment requirements. My experience is that design and entrepreneurship research has not been very concerned with this type of phenomenon.

To properly understand the workings of a high-tech startup, I have developed an online tool called the Development Log ( The tool has two purposes; one is to aid the entrepreneur by increasing transparency in the development processes and by providing an overview of previous, current and future tasks. As the entrepreneur uses the tool, the other purpose is also fulfilled; the creation of a protocol of the activities of the tech entrepreneur.

The log is very reminiscent of the works done by Crispin Hales and more recently, Petra Badke-Schaub, except in my approach the descriptions/data are provided (unknowingly) by the entrepreneur using a web-based tool. This difference in approach means that I can amass a large amount of structured data in an efficient way.

We have been using the log on 11 academic startup projects, that all ran in my own course on tech entrepreneurship this spring. The log worked well, but still needs a few tweaks here and there. To see an example of the type of data created from a project, follow this link. This overview has proven to be quite useful in engaging in a dialogue about the team’s activities and choices. This is great for supervisors, mentors, collaborators etc.

More recently, I have begun to identify and develop research methods for analysing the data coming from the log – specifically within the field of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques. Among other things, I have developed a method for automatically tracking (design) heuristics in the data.


Jakob Bejbro Andersen is currently a PhD student at the Denmark Technical University DTU. He is researching how advanced technology is developed into products and services in the context of startup companies. Jakob has adopted quite a unique process focus in investigating the subject. Surprisingly, the research on entrepreneurship has until now shown little interest the development processes seen in the startups. To build an understanding, Jakob has developed a web-based research tool for documenting and tracking the development processes in startups: It’s called the Development Log (have a look here). Jakob has already achieved a number of interesting results by using the Development Log on a dozen academic startup cases. He is now looking to expand his portfolio of cases by also including non-academic cases. Furthermore, he is looking to engage with relevant design researchers abroad to discuss and develop the methods used in post-processing and analysing the data.

Monday, September 15, 2014
10:30 AM
132 Fluor Daniel Building