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Denis A. Brosnan

Denis A. Brosnan

George J. Bishop, III Chair in Ceramic and Materials Engineering and Professor

Phone: (864) 656-0603
Office: National Brick Research Center Bishop Lab


Dr. Brosnan is Director of the The National Brick Research Center, an organization of Clemson University’s College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University. In his role as Director of the Center, Dr. Brosnan directs research in production of brick products and on use of brick in the 27,000 square-feet Bishop Ceramic Laboratory which opened in 1996. Research in this facility is supported by brick and tile producers and consumers. Dr. Brosnan teaches introductory ceramic processing courses in Materials Science and Engineering.


Ph.D., lowa State University (1972)
M.S., Clemson University (1967)
B.S., Clemson University (1967)

Research Areas

Ceramics Engineering
Environmental Ceramics
Ceramic Tile, Whiteware, and Refractory Ceramics
Production and Service of Brick Products
Restoration of Historic Masonry Buildings

Selected Publications

Brosnan, D. A., & Robinson, G. C. (2003). Introduction to drying of ceramics. The American Ceramic Society.

Sanders, J. P., & Brosnan, D. A. (2003). Modeling the thermal decomposition of chrysotile. Proceedings of the 5th SKT 2003 (Thermal Analysis-FTIR Spectroscopy/Thermal Analysis-Mass Spectrometry), Bad Orb/Frankfurt Germany.

Brosnan, D. A. (2003). Low density ceramics produced from paper recycling residuals. U.S. Patent 6,569,797.