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Student Organizations

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Keramos (Inorganic Materials Honor Society)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kyle Brinkman
President: Christopher Sewell
V.President: Austin Hays 
Secretary: Mattie Piness 
Treasurer: Caitlyn Rogers
Herald: Austin Richardson


Materials Advantage (MA) ->WEB SITE<-

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kyle Brinkman
Chair: Johnathan Drake    
Co-chair: Hannah Maeser
Secretary: Rachel Thomson
Treasurer: Patrick Russelll


Materials Research Society (MRS) ->WEB SITE<-

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thompson Mefford
President: Pavel Aprelev    
V.President: Dmitriy Davydovich
Treasurer: Luke Sande       
Secretary: Erick Zhang       
Webmaster: Tucker McFarlane


Phi Psi (Polymeric Materials Honors Society)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gary Lickfield
President: Jane Gragg
V.President: Tyler Pope
Secretary: Hannah Maeser
Treasurer: Nikhil Gandhi
Historian: Marcus Davis
Sr. Warden: Stephen Tate

OSA (Optical Society of America)

A Student Organization in College of Engineering, Computing & Applied Sciences
(which involves many of the students in Department of MSE)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen Foulger
President: Eric Zhang                
V.President: Daniel Turner         
Secretary: Kaitlyn Morgan         
Treasurer: Tucker McFarlane