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Dr. David Ladner

Theme 1 Leader: Innovative energy-efficient water/wastewater purification processes and systems

Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
864.656.0672 FAX
Associated Themes: 1,3,5

WEC Research Relevance

The Ladner research group focuses mainly on membrane processes for environmental engineering separations. This includes modifications of high-pressure reverse osmosis modules to make them more energy efficient and adsorbent coating applications on low-pressure microfiltration membranes to enable trace contaminant removal.

Current Projects

Project Title: Coupling small-particle adsorbents with membranes for trace-contaminant removal in water treatment
Dates: August 2012 through July 2015
Principal Investigator: David Ladner
Co-Investigator(s): Tanju Karanfil, Thompson Mefford
Sponsoring Agency: National Science Foundation

Project Title: Sinusoidal flow reverse osmosis modules
Dates: August 2010 through August 2015
Principal Investigator: David Ladner
Co-Investigator(s): Peng Xie
Sponsoring Agency:

Recent Publications

Xie, P.; Murdoch, L.C.; Ladner, D.A. "Hydrodynamics of sinusoidal spacers for improved reverse osmosis performance."Journal of Membrance Science, 453, 92-99.

Ellerie, J.R.; Apul, O.; Karanfil, T.; Ladner, D.A. "Comparing graphene, carbon nanotubes, and superfine powdered activated carbon as adsorptive coating materials for microfiltration membranes."Journal of Hazardous Materials 2013, 261, 91-98.

Lewis, D.O.; Ladner, D.A.; Karanfil, T. "Source water and microfiltration plant manganese control study." Journal American Water Works Association 2013