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Dr. John R. Saylor

Mechanical Engineering
Associated Themes: 2, 4, 5

WEC Research Relevance

Evaporation, water quantity modeling, water use in pollution control, watershed simulation, surfactant control of evaporation from reservoirs, thermal modeling of lakes, drop dynamics in cooling towers.  

Current Projects

Project Title: “A modeling study of water shortages in the Savannah River basin:  Sensitivity of water availability to evaporative loss and climate change” 
Dates: 05/2012 - 05/2013
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nigel B. Kaye
Co-Investigator(s): Dr. John R. Saylor
Sponsoring Agency: SC Water Resources Center (USGS/DOI)

Project Title: “Enhancing satellite measurements of water surface temperature using a thermal model of the lake surface for improved evaporation estimates”
Dates:05/2013 - 05/2014
Principal Investigator: Dr. John R. Saylor
Co-Investigator(s):Dr. Nigel B. Kaye
Sponsoring Agency: SC Water Resources Center (USGS/DOI)

Recent Publications

W. Ran, J. R. Saylor & R. G. Holt, Improved particle scavenging by a combination of ultrasonics and water sprays, J. Aerosol Sci. vol. 67, pp. 104-118 (2014).

S. M. Bower & J. R. Saylor, Sherwood-Rayleigh parameterization for evaporation in the presence of surfactant monolayers, AIChE J. vol. 59, pp. 303-315 (2013).

T. A. Conover & J. R. Saylor, Statistics of the surface temperature field of an air/water interface under airflow, Experiments in Fluids vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 509-524 (2007).