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Financial Resources

Clemson University Business Manual

Clemson University Foundation Disbursement Guidelines

ARS Training Reference Guide

Descriptions of Funds

Disbursement Grid

Tax ID #

Directions/Example on entering Payroll Corrections

Directions/Example on correctiing departmental journal budget errors

Employee & Student Travel:

Follow the link above to find information regarding: allowable/nonallowable travel expenses, travel reimbursements, travel expense account codes, travel policy, etc. 

Encumbrances:  contact Brittney McCall with any encumbrance questions.

Use the COES_PO_ENC_DEPT query to search for your departmental PO’s/Encumbrances that are still open.  Before you use, please save to your own name to keep the original query free from error.

Remember to check the final payment box in BuyWays when entering an invoice where there will only be one payment.  If you don’t the PO will remain open.

BuyWays Help:

FAQ (including how to correct chartfield strings)

BuyWays Bullets

Online User Training Guides

LAN Services:

  • Provides a user with acess and services on the University network which includes network access for e-mail, Internet and university application systems, personal data storage space on NetWare servers, data backup services for server data, diagnostic support for network problems, access to the CCIT training and client support services, and access to software site licenses.  ($276 annual per person charge for those who use the service)
  • Provides a printer with a network connection, print queue setup, server resources, diagnostic support for network problems, and access to client support services. ($276 annual per person charge for those who use the service)

Use Tax Correction Journals:

For purchases where use tax was added and should not have been charged:

CR          14-xxx-7xxx-09xx-xxx-14xxxxx

DR          14-xxx-1130-09xx-xxx-14xxxxx   


CR          14-xxx-1130-09xx-000-14xxxxx

DR          14-xxx-2403-09xx-000-14xxxxx


For purchases where use tax was not added and should be charged:

DR          14-xxx-7xxx-09xx-xxx-14xxxxx

CR          14-xxx-1130-09xx-xxx-14xxxxx


DR          14-xxx-1130-5599-000-14xxxxx

CR          14-xxx-2403-5599-000-14xxxxx