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Electrical & Computer Engineering

What is it?

Electrical and computer engineering are two very different disciplines, yet both deal with computers and communications. Computer engineers focus mostly on the design, implementation and applications of computers and computer-controlled equipment, including computer architecture and software engineering. Electrical engineers concentrate on the laws of physics that govern electricity, magnetism and light to develop systems and services. Clemson’s Milton W. Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has combined the two areas because both involve communications, digital systems and signal processing.

What will I study?

With two separate degree programs in computer engineering and electrical engineering, ECE students have a wide variety of specialties to explore.

  • Clemson’s electrical engineering program encompasses circuits, computer engineering, electromagnetic fields, electronics, controls, signal analysis, power systems and communications. Technical electives during senior year allow students to select specialties.
  • The computer engineering program provides in-depth education and hands-on experience with computers of all sizes (micro, mini and large). Students learn to solve real-world problems through courses on hardware and computer architecture, software and systems.

What’s the program like?

ECE is one of the University’s largest departments, with an enrollment of more than 350 undergraduate students and more than 140 graduate students. Department faculty include nine IEEE fellows, two endowed chairs and six named professors.

Students interested in pursuing a specialty in communications explore information theory, electromagnetic theory, signal processing and electronics. The electronics emphasis includes solid-state devices and circuits and integrated circuit technology. Energy systems analysis and energy conversion are appropriate for students who plan to work for electric utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers or companies that rely heavily on electrical energy.

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The Numbers

528 Undergraduates

11% Women
29% Minority
77% In-State

79 Masters Students

88 Doctoral Students

39 Full Time Faculty