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General Engineering

What is it?

All students who major in engineering at Clemson University are initially admitted to the General Engineering program (GE). This program provides opportunities to explore the many different engineering disciplines, meet faculty from all the engineering departments and discover which major fits your individual interests and talents. GE is designed to help firstyear engineering students build a solid academic foundation.

What advantages will GE provide me?

GE is an all-around introductory program that introduces the various engineering disciplines at Clemson from both academic and professional perspectives, enabling you to make an informed decision when declaring your major. The first year curriculum allows you the time to find course work that matches your interests, skills and abilities with the best career choice, while taking courses that apply toward any engineering major.

What guidance will GE provide me?

Our team of professionals in our advising center provides information, support and motivation in selecting courses and choosing majors, while tailoring success strategies and study techniques to meet each student’s individual needs. The advisers work closely with the faculty inside and outside the classroom to help students understand the challenges and satisfaction an engineering career can bring.

How will I interact with the faculty?

GE courses teach the basic skills necessary for success in upper-level engineering curricula and in the engineering professions. Classroom strategies and practice include team projects, active learning, guided inquiry and the use of interactive computing.

Where can I find more information about the GE program at Clemson University?

Visit for additional information about beginning your course of engineering study.

The Numbers

1,135 Undergraduates

29% Women
21% Minority
62% In-State

16 Full Time Faculty