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Mechanical Engineering

What will I study?

Clemson ME students prepare for a productive career in engineering and for lifelong learning through a balanced B.S. program that encompasses physical and engineering sciences, design and laboratory experience, the humanities, social sciences, communication and computer skills. Roughly half of the curriculum addresses engineering topics, with the rest covering basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and general education topics.

What type of research will I do?

As an ME student, you can participate in research through a variety of programs.  A Creative Inquiry option can be selected early in your studies and continued over a number of semesters or even years.  These are team oriented activities where you can develop new technical skills as well as your creative and leadership abilities.  Students in the Calhoun Honors College can achieve Senior Honors in ME through a two semester independent research program working directly with an ME professor. Other top students might choose to do a similar independent research study outside the Honors program.  With more than 20 research labs and several interdisciplinary research centers, the opportunities are wide ranging.  The research labs and offices of ME faculty and graduate students are headquartered in the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building, while additional research focusing mainly on graduate studies occurs at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) in Greenville, S.C., and at the Advanced Materials Research Center in Anderson, S.C.

Where could my mechanical engineering studies take me?

A large percentage of ME students opt for Co-op and Internship positions during their undergraduate studies.  There is a large demand for ME students from major companies located locally and throughout the nation.  While this extends the time for a degree, students and industries alike find these on-the-job experiences extremely valuable both in terms of learning and developing professional contacts.   A number of students participate in extra-curricular activities such as the Formula SAE or Baja SAE where vehicles are designed, fabricated, and driven at competitions at various locations across the US.  Some students choose to participate in Study Abroad programs, one of which is in Esslingen Germany and focuses on Automotive Engineering but is closely integrated with our ME curriculum.  Other programs are less closely aligned with our curriculum but are equally valuable multi-cultural experiences.  Most importantly, your degree in ME will open doors to a rewarding career.

Where is my future with a mechanical engineering degree?

Most ME graduates accept positions in professional practice in industry in fields including advanced alternative energy systems, natural resource harvesting, materials, transportation vehicles (air, space, ground, sea) and systems, manufacturing, health and bio-systems, and consumer products of all types.   Others work in National research labs, academia, government, or business. The curriculum also prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in engineering or science.  A BS/MS option is available to top ME students.  Some ME graduates choose graduate study in nonengineering professional programs such as business, law, and medicine.  With a degree in ME, your future is unlimited.

Where can I find more information about Clemson’s ME program?


The Numbers

909 Undergraduates

13% Women
13% Minority
68% In-State

131 Masters Students

70 Doctoral Students

35 Full Time Faculty