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Materials Science & Engineering

What is it?

Materials Science & Engineering (MS&E) is a vast, interdisciplinary, 21st century renaissance field based around the creation of materials that will change and define how we go about our everyday tasks. Those who study MS&E research the properties of polymers, glasses, ceramics and metals in bulk (chunks), thin film and fiber forms. Graduates of Clemson’s MSE program will find themselves on the forefront of almost every industry. Designed for students who wonder how and why materials behave the way they do, the program is a perfect fit for those who want to discover the next revolutionary substance.

What will I study?

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering establishes in students a broad foundation in the science and engineering of materials. Sophomores are introduced to metals and ceramics, polymer science, thermodynamics, mechanical behavior and kinetics. Juniors take classroom experiences integrated with laboratory work in the processing, fabrication, and characterization of materials. Seniors focus on a particular area of interest such as

Inorganic Materials

  • Bricks, tile, glass and steel for construction
  • Optical fibers for communication lines
  • Lasers for military maneuvers
  • Electric capacitors, glass and insulating substrates for radios, stereos, TVs, microcomputers and cellular phones
  • Insulators and cables for electric power lines
  • Dental materials, bio-implants and prosthetic devices
  • Insulating materials for spacecraft

Polymeric Materials

  • Organic electronics
  • Fibers with special functions (i.e., chemical sensing, environmental monitoring)
  • Color measurement
  • Composite materials
  • Plastics, films, coatings, adhesives

Fundamentals of research are developed and carried out in a senior capstone design project.

Where is my future in MS&E?

Recent graduates have found jobs at Milliken, DuPont, Bosch, BASF, 3M, Kimberly Clark, Cognis, Shakespeare, PARA-CHEM, Southern, Velcro, Lockheed Martin, GE and U.S. military research laboratories.

Many of our students go on to pursue graduate degrees at Georgia Tech, Harvard, Virginia Tech, University of Florida, Ohio State and numerous other universities

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The Numbers

116 Undergraduates

34% Women
16% Minority
65% In-State

16 Masters Students

42 Doctoral Students

28 Full Time Faculty