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Cooperative Education and Internships

What are Cooperative Education (Co-op) and Internships?

Clemson undergraduates have worked at more than 375 companies through cooperative education. Students who co-op have the ability to apply what they’ve learned in class to real-life situations while making invaluable contacts in the field they’ve chosen to pursue. Currently about 44% of academically-eligible engineering, computing and applied sciences students participate in Co-op.

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Career Services?

The Center for Career and Professional Development was created through the merger of the Cooperative Education Program and The Michelin Career Center. In addition, the UPIC Program was created to manage and facilitate our extensive on-campus internship and cooperative education program. The career center offers many unique services, such as career workshops, on-campus interviewing, experiential education opportunities (co-op program and internship programs), and others. The Center is located in a state-of-the-art facility on the third floor of the Hendrix Student Center.

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What about after I graduate?

The Clemson Alumni Association provides lifelong connections to career services with Ask-a-Tiger, a network that offers contact with and guidance from successful Clemson alumni.

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