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FAQ's & Laptop Information

Is a laptop required at Clemson?

Yes. We highly recommend that students entering in Fall 2017 do not purchase a laptop until computer specifications are announced in the Summer of 2017. Please visit the laptop support page for recommendations.

Can I major in engineering or science and still be in the Calhoun Honors College ?

Yes, in fact, students in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences compose approximately 40% of the students in the Calhoun Honors College. To learn more, please visit  the Calhoun Honors page.

What type of calculator do I need?

Calculator information can be found on the Calculator Recommendation site. Typically General Engineering and Science students enroll in either MATH 1060 or 1080 their first semester.

What high school courses should I take to prepare for an engineering program?

General Engineering applicants are encouraged to have:

  • Mathematics - Four units, including geometry, trigonometry, and introductory calculus
  • Laboratory Science - At least three units, including both chemistry and physics
  • Computing - At least one unit, including introduction to a programming language. Applicants should have good keyboarding skills.

What Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits can be used for the General Engineering curriculum?

AP and IB classes such as Economics, Government, History, and Psychology can be applied towards your General Education requirements. While we can award credit for Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics, we prefer you speak with your advisor prior to utilizing these credits. A complete list of AP credits and Clemson equivalents can be found on the Advanced Placement Credit chart. IB credit can be found on the IB Credit chart.

Does Clemson offer summer engineering and science programs?

Yes. Clemson offers numerous summer engineering and science programs through our Summer Scholars program.

Fall 2017 CECAS Freshmen Class

1063 - General Engineering
158 - Computing
5 - Geology
1350 - Median SAT (New)
31 - Median ACT
27% Women
19% Minority
64% In-State