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2nd Annual Research Symposium

March 12, 2015

Hendrix Student Center Almeda R. Jacks Ballroom

Schedule of Events
Morning Session - Ballroom A
8:30 am Doors open/coffee & breakfast served
9:00 am Welcome Tanju Karanfil
Infrastructure Resources for Researchers
9:15 am CES Experts Database Tanju Karanfil, CES
9:25 am CES Searchable Equipment Inventory Phil Landreth, CES
9:35 am Machining and Technical Services Phil Landreth, CES
9:45 am Light Microscopy Facility Terri Bruce
9:55 am Electron Microscopy Facility Lax Saraf
10:05 am Center for Nuclear Environmental Engineering Science and Environmental Waste Management Tim DeVol, EEES
Spotlight on Young Faculty
10:30 am New Luminescence Laboratory Luiz Jacobsohn, MSE
10:45 am Coordination of Network Systems Yongqiang Wang, ECE
11:00 am Control of Human-Robot Collaboration Systems Yue (Sophie) Wang, ME
11:15 am Integration of Computational and Benchtop Experimental Engineering Methods in Cardiovascular Medicine Ethan Kung, ME
11:30 am Optimal Design and Operation of Renewable Energy Systems Joseph Scott, ChBE
11:45 am Energy Systems Analysis and Lifecycle Assessment Michael Carbajales-Dale, EEES
12:00pm  Lunch
Afternoon Session - Ballroom A
1:15 pm Overview of Bio-manufacturing at Clemson Mark Blenner, ChBE
1:30 pm Bio-Patterning with the Flip of a Switch Guigen Zhang, BioE
1:40 pm Nonlinear and Chaotic Microbial Dynamics in Chemostats and Biofilms: Is Information Theory Involved? Fred Molz, EEES
1:50 pm Capillary-Channeled Polymer Fibers for Downstream Processing Applications Ken Marcus, Chem
2:00 pm Vascular Tissue Engineering in Diabetes Agneta Simionescu, BioE
2:10 pm Advanced Controls in Cell Culture Sarah Harcum, BioE
2:20 pm Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology Jiro Nagatomi, BioE
2:30 pm Information Integrative Manufacturing Hai Xiao, ECE
2:40 pm High Sensitivity and Robust RF Detectors Pingshan Wang, ECE
3:00 pm Integrated Approach for the Fabrication of Multifunctional Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Particles, Polymers, and Potential Thompson Mefford, MSE
3:10 pm Transport and Visualization of Nanoparticles in Porous Media Christophe Darnault, EEES
3:20 pm Inhibition of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Aggregation Feng Ding, P&A
3:30 pm Shape Memory Gradient Nanofoams for Unattended Sensing Igor Luzinov, MSE
3:40 pm Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous Carbon  Stephen Creager, Chem
3:50 pm Two-Dimensional Materials for Novel Nanoscale Sensors Goutam Koley, ECE
Afternoon Session - Ballroom B
Water Energy
1:15 pm Introduction to the Clemson Water-Energy Consortium David Ladner, EEES
1:30 pm Water, Oil, Climate Change and Deformation of Porous Media Larry Murdoch, EEES
1:40 pm Metal-Organic Frameworks: Tunable Materials for Gas Storage, Separations, Sensing, and Catalysis Rachel Getman, ChBE
1:50 pm Hierarchical and Anisotropic Porous Ceramic Microstructures Raj Bordia, MSE
2:00 pm 7 Billion Gallons of Clean Water Lost Every Year: A Novel Vibration-based Technique for Detecting Water Pipeline Leakage Sez Atamturktur, CE
2:10 pm Elucidating Molecular Behavior of Condensed Matter through Molecular Modeling and Computer Simulations Sapna Sarupria, ChBE
2:20 pm Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling in Granular Materials Qiushi Chen, CE
2:30 pm Clemson's New Barricaded Laboratory for Safe Use of Tetrafluoroethylene and Other Hazardous Reagents Joe Thrasher, Chem
2:40 pm Understanding Redox Reaction and Nanoparticle Precipitation at Mineral:Water Interfaces Brian Powell, EEES
Other Topics
3:00 pm Hierarchical Modeling of the Catalysis of Sugar Alcohol Transformations in Water Rachel Getman, ChBE
3:10 pm Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Under Stress Amir Poursaee, CE
3:20 pm Control and Diagnostics in Connected Vehicle Systems  Pierluigi Pisu, AuE
3:30 pm Multiphase Ceramic Composites for Energy Conversion and Storage Kyle Brinkman, MSE
3:40 pm Making Corrosion to Work in your Favor: Electropolishing of Nanosharp Needles Kostya Kornev, MSE