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Graduate TA Training

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training is mandatory for all Graduate Assistants teaching undergraduate students.  This page provides resources to supplement the training offered at the beginning of each semester.  For more information, please contact Tonyia Stewart (

Active Learning

Active Learning, unlike passive learning (listening to a lecture), is any type of teaching approach that engages students in their learning.  Here is information on active learning and tips on how to incorporate these techniques in your classroom to engage students.

Effective Feedback & Assessment

As a Teaching Assistant, you will frequently be involved in grading student work and providing feedback to them on how well they are doing.  Many resources to learn how to do this effectively can be found here

Campus Resources

At times, you will encounter a student who needs more assistance than you are able to provide. Resources such as Student Disability Services, the Academic Success Center, CARE network and more are described here.

Training Workshop Materials

Here you will find the presentations and other materials utilized during the 2-day graduate teaching assistance orientation.