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Campus Resources

Academic Success Center
Student Disability Services
Writing Center
Redfern Health Center
Counseling and Psychological Services
CARE Network
Healthy Campus

Academic Success Center

Graduate Students should be aware of services provided by the ASC in order to refer students who have the need; this applies to graders and teaching assistants. The Academic Success Center (ASC) meets its mission of empowering undergraduate students to achieve academic goals by providing opportunities for learning support such as Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Academic Coaching, Academic Counseling, and Workshops.

  • More information about the Academic Success Center, including details about each program, can be found at ASC website
  • Answers to many questions, including why a graduate student may be interested in the ASC, are answered at the ASC Youtube Channel
  • The ASC provides an FAQ to answer often asked questions about programs and services.

Student Disability Services

The reasons Graduate Students should be aware of offerings through Student Disability Services (SDS) are multi-fold: Graduate and Undergraduate students are able to take advantage of the services provided! The professional staff at SDS works with students with identified disabilities to develop strategies and to offer accommodations both in and out of the classroom, including utilization of Universal Design principles.

  • More information can be found at the SDS website
  • Students can access the online Test Proctoring Center request form here. A valid Clemson University username and password are required to access the form. For additional information, please click on the Test Proctoring Center.
  • A short Fact or Fiction quiz provides ample information about SDS’s services and its interaction with the student body! 
  • SDS has created documentation guidelines for students, staff, and faculty about accommodations and documentation.
  • Other forms, including information about note-takers and an E-book request, be found here

Writing Center

Graduate students can utilize services or refer undergraduates to the Writing Center for help with drafts of class papers, resumes, reports, application essays, cover letters, seminar projects, dissertations, etc. — for classes across the curriculum at all levels. The Writing Center’s goal is to help all members of the Clemson community become more confident and effective writers.

  • Student can set up an appointment with the Writing Center here.
  • Information about the Writing Center for students can be found on the website.


Full-time graduate and undergraduate students pay a health fee for access to Redfern services, including medical, psychological, and wellness. Redfern employs over 60 health care professionals whose goal is to help students stay healthy in order to better focus on academics.

  • Appointments can be made at Redfern by call the appointment line 864-656-1541.
  • Redfern promotes student health insurance for all students. More information here
  • Campus Recourses related to health are listed here
  • Always call 911 in a real emergency, but some emergency phone numbers are listed here

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Part of Redfern Healthy Center, CAPS is the University's only facility for personal counseling, psychological testing, outreach and consultation. It provides direct services to students and to spouses or partners of students in conjoint therapy. 

  • Information about CAPS can be found here.
  • CAPS appointment line: 864-656-2451

CARE Network

The CARE network, run by the Dean of Students Office provides an FAQ discussing commonly asked questions and details on how to handle certain situations, such as referrals:  The CARE Network on Clemson’s campus is designed to help students who are “critical.” If you believe you have a student who is should be referred to the CARE Network, speak to your department and take a look at the website.


Ombudsman: This is an impartial resource not affiliated with any department on campus that you can use if you have a problem that cannot be resolved through regular administrative channels. More information can be found here.

Healthy Campus

This office provides programming and resources related to medical and mental health, safety, and sustainability for Clemson’s campus.  Healthy Campus offers