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Training Materials

2017 GTA Training

August 18, 2017

by Dr. Lisa Benson and Dr. Eliza Gallagher, Department of Engineering and Science Education

Day 1: Working with Students: Grading and Feedback

8:00 am        Meet and greet; refreshments served

8:15 am        Welcome

  • Dr. Jason Osbourne, Graduate School Dean
  • Dr. Bridget Trogden, Undergraduate Studies Associate Dean of Engagement and General Education
  • Dr. Douglas Hirt, CECAS Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

8:30 am        "Everything is Going to Be Okay" (Roles, Responsibilities and Resources)

  • Transitioning from student to teacher
  • University policies:FERPA; academic integrity/ethics, sexual harassment and safety
  • University resources for students (ASC, SDS, CAS, Redfern)
  • University resources for TAs and Instructors (OTEI, Graduate School Professional Development, ESED Certificate Program)
  • Roles and responsibilities activity: Instructor-Student Interactions

9:30 am          Academic Integrity – Dr. Jeff Appling, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

9:45 am          Break

10:00 am        "Don't Lecture - Teach"

11:00 am          Q&A Session with experienced TAs

11:55 am          Wrap up

12:00 noon       Adjourn