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Grants and Contacts Management Team

Please contact us if you need any assistance with budget/balance updates and projections relating to expenditures, financial reporting, or any compliance issue.

Christina Bedenbaugh
656-0821 | 116-A Riggs

Post Awards Manager
Materials Science & Engineering
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers & Films (CAEFF)

Philip Boyer
656-0933 | 118-C Riggs

Automotive Engineering
Institute of Global Road Safety
School of Computing

Tracy Gambrell
656-5518 | 116 Riggs

Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
CU Center for Workforce Development (CUCWD)

Cheryl Summers
656-5857 | 117-A Riggs

Program Education Enrichment & Retention (PEER)
Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)
Engineering & Science Education
SC Coalition - Math & Science

Shekinda Ward
656-4591 | 118-B Riggs

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jackie Foster
656-6071 | 118 Riggs

Mechanical Engineering