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Total Awarded: $452,130

Fall 2014, Total $118,425

Eksioglu, Burak National Center for Multi-Modal Transportation IE $14,544
Amy, Gary NSF-Funded Research Center to Address the Water Energy Nexus EEES $20,000
Finneran, Kevin Reductive Dechlorination in Low Permeability Geologic Formations EEES $15,081
Koley, Goutam Bio-sensors based on graphene and beyond graphene ECE $10,000
Nagatomi, Jiro Preparation for submission of NIH-BRP; Engineered bladder augmentation in outlet obstruction BioE $20,000
Porter, Michael Martin Seahorse-inspired robotics: Exploring the evolution of amored prehensility in nature and human ME $20,000
Takacs, Endre Clemson Research Center for Advanced Radiation Therapy Environments (P&S, BioE, SoC collaborative proposal) P&A $18,800

Spring 2014, Total: $141,960

Dean, Delphine Collaborative medical technology development for Tanzania BioE $20,000
Sarupria, Sapna TIGER: DMREF: Computer Aided Design of Antifouling Membranes for Water Purifications ChBE $10,000
Huang, Yongxi Smart Transportation Energy System Program CE $10,000
Babu, Sabrarish A Virtual Experimentor as Means to Overcome Biases in Psychosomatic Research Methodology SOC $20,000
Creager, Stephen Computer Modeling of Lithium Battery Electrodes Chem $12,560
Ramasubramanian, Melur Biologically inspired nanostructured biomaterials for microscopic cutting and piercing surgical tools ME $20,000
Piratla, Kalyan Sustainable Communities: A New Interdisciplinary Paradigm in Interdependent Infrastructure Resilience Research CE $8,000
Kennedy, Molly Life-Cycle Assessment of Li-ion Batteries: External Evaluation for Environmental Impact Predictions MSE $20,000
Brinkman, Kyle Materials and Processes for Efficient Natural Gas Utilization MSE $12,000
Hadidi, Ramtin Center for Advanced Power Engineering Research (CAPER) ECE $9,400

Fall 2013, Total: $191,745

Hai Yao Pragmatic Education and Research Infastructure Development in the Clemson-MUSC Biogengineering Program BioE $20,000
Pingshan Wang Interferometer-based terahertz, electron spin resonance spectrometers ECE $12,000
John Wagner TIGER Grant- Proposal Writing for NSF ATE Phase 2 Regional Center and National Center Planning Grant, and Host a National Workshop ME $19,500
Kumar Venayagamoorthy Grid Intelligence for Real-time electric power operations (RIPE) ECE $10,000
Apparao Rao Novel techniques for probing defect-induced electrical, thermal, and optical properties at the nanoscale P&A $20,000
Brian Powell International Workshop for Radionuclide Thermodynamic Database Development EEES $10,000
Chris Kitchens Acquisition of a High-resolution Spectrofluormeter for Characterization of Nanoparticles - Protein Analogs ChBE $16,000
Taufiquar Khan  Building A Research Group for Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk for Sustainable Energy Systems Math $10,000
Tanju Karanfil  TIGER: Planning Grant for "South Carolina Global Competiveness Consortium for Advanced Materials (SCAdvaMat) EEES $19,000
Zoran Filipi TIGER -  NSF Engineering Research Center for Clean, Connected and Efficient Vehicles AuE $18,000
Mashrur Chowdhury Center for Innovations in Transportation Sustainability CE $19,245
Mark Blenner Intergration of Computation, Evolutionary Design, and Gnomics for High-Throughput Engineering of Protein-Ligand Interactions ChBE $18,000