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Travel Funds Matching Program to Visit Program Managers

Purpose: This program is intended to make matching funds available for new faculty to visit program managers at federal agencies and national labs. The funds come from the College and are administered by the office of Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.

Eligibility: Tenure track CECAS faculty in the first 2 years of their Clemson appointment.

Funds: The College will provide up to $500 per eligible faculty member to pay for travel costs. The faculty member’s department must match travel funds 1:1 to yield a total of $1,000 over the first two years. The College funds can apply to one or more trips as necessary.

Approvals: The faculty member must get travel approval by the ADRGS or his/her designee at least five business days before departure. Within five business days after returning, the faculty member must submit a brief travel report to the ADRGS. Follow the link below.

Approval Procedure