Online Proceedings Edited by Dr. Catherine Paul



Welcome and Introduction

Welcoming Remarks
James Barker
President, Clemson University

"The Brave New World of Academic Publishing: Clemson and Beyond"
Wayne Chapman
Center for Electronic and Digital Publishing, Clemson University

Libraries and the Digital World

"Lost in Cyber Space: Libraries in the Cyber Age"
Mark Herring
Dean of Dacus Library, Winthrop University

"Leveraging the Digital Library for Publishing the Past and Future"
John Price-Wilkin
Head of Digital Library Production Service, University of Michigan


Digital Publishing and Professional Communication

"Publishing Re-purposed: The Romantic Circles Website"
Steven Jones
Co-Director of Romantic Circles, Loyola University of Chicago

"Visible Media: The Implications of Publishing Technologies for Digital Publishing"
James Inman
Director of Center for Collaboration and Communication, Furman University


Library Studies and Digital Publishing

"The Emily Dickinson Archive Project as a Scholarly Edition"
Martha Nell Smith
Co-Editor of Electronic Dickinson Archive
Director of Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, University of Maryland

"James Joyce Ulysses in Hypermedia: Problems of Annotation"
Michael Groden
Director of Ulysses Hypermedia Project, University of Western Ontario


Digital Publishing in the Arts and Humanities

"The Architectural Journal Wolkenkuckucksheim-Cloud-Cuckoo-Land-Vozduchnyj samok: Integration of an Internet Journal into Praxis"
Eduard Fuhr
Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus

"You Shall See the Connection if it Kills You":When Knowledge Becomes Understanding
Caroline Eisner

Senior Consultant to the Bread Loaf Teacher Network


Closing Remarks and Discussion

"Access, Interaction, and Collaboration: Reflections on the Colloquium on New Technology & the Future of Publishing"
Donna Reiss
Associate Professor of English-Humanities, Tidewater Community College, Virginia