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About CEDP

Director: Wayne K. Chapman

Advisory Board: Gabriel Hankins, Mark Charney, Sydney Cross, Jeannie Davis, Constancio Nakuma, Teddi Fishman, Tharon Howard, Elizabeth Rivlin

WELCOME to the Center for Electronic and Digital Publishing (CEDP), which exists in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities (AAH) to develop, direct, and focus the academic publishing program in AAH in accordance with the integrating principles of the trademark Clemson University Digital Press (CUDP) given in the Preamble, Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, and Imprint found on this site. We especially thank our Friends, whose generosity makes possible the year-to-year maintenance of three "angels" in our publishing house: The South Carolina Review, The Upstart Crow, AAH: Research in the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities, and Mirare. The three combined have given more than sixty years of distinguished service to the university in the promulgation of contemporary American literature, in the study of William Shakespeare, and in the promotion of college activities in design and building and the arts and humanities. For an account of the creation of CEDP, click on "The Birth of a Press" and "Richard Calhoun and SCR: Paving the Way for a Press." For a copy of the task force report that really lifted all of this off the ground, see "Report on the Press and Publication Program in the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities" (Jan. 17, 2000).

The constitution for CEDP may be read in the paragraphs introduced here as "Administration" and in the link above to the publication trademark Clemson University Digital Press.