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The Colloquium on New Technology

(2001-2007) Idiomatically referred to as "Tech Colloquium" for economy, CEDP has sponsored or co-sponsored a quasi-annual series of two-day forums to address issues associated with the mission of Clemson University Digital Press as a "publishing house for the twenty-first century." The themes and activities of these colloquia have a direct bearing on one of the stated interests of the press according to its charter, which is to disseminate knowledge "on new and developing technologies, producing a self-reflexive focus on the practice, issues, and problems of publishing scholarship on the WWW…[to] draw attention to the distinctiveness and creativity of our publication program." As a result of this objective for the Tech Colloquia, each iteration has had its own theme--for example,

New Technology and the Future of Publishing cover imageThe papers from the first of these events was edited by Catherine Paul in a hypermedia proceedings entitled New Technology and the Future of Publishing (2002); selections from the second and third were published in print and online editions as Literature and Digital Technologies: W. B. Yeats, Virginia Woolf, Mary Shelley, and William Gass (ed. Karen Schiff, 2003). Thus, the series as a whole is represented here as a conjunction of "archived events," bridging both the CUDP and CEDP sections of our Web site.