Upstart Crow Excel Index

Last Name First Name Article Volume # Year
Allen Gilbert The Bard of Avon Volume 25 2005
Alvis John A Probable Platonic Allusion and Its Significance in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Volume 2 1979
Ames Justin (co-author) "Spayk the Speech Oy Prithee": Dialects of Shakespeare's England and the American South Volume 26 2006/07
Anderson Linda “Every good servant does not all commands”: Shakespeare’s Servants and the Duty to Disobey Volume 12 1992
Anderson Linda “A Losing Office”: Shakespeare’s Use of Messengers Volume 17 1997
Andreas James From Festivity to Spectacle: The Canterbury Tales, Fragment I and A Midsummer Night’s Dream Volume 3 1980
Andreas James R. Nid Archodd Duw I’r Fran Deui: A Memoir of Bill Bennett Volume 5 1984
Andreas James R. Paul Ramsey: A Tribute Volume 11 1991
Andrews Michael Cameron Power to Hurt: Sonnets 109-10 and 117-20 Volume 5 1984
Andrews Michael Cameron “Cock-a-hoop” Volume 12 1992
Anson Robert A Lightweight Elephant Slept Here Volume 16 1996
Anson Robert D. Shakespeare’s Lucky Banana Peel Volume 18 1998
Baines Barbara J. Political and Poetic Revisionism in Julius Caesar Volume 10 1990
Baker Susan Shakespeare and Ritual: The Example of As You Like It Volume 9 1989
Baker J. Robert Absence and Subversion: the “O’erflow” of Gender in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra Volume 12 1992
Baker Geoff Other Capital: Investment, Return, Alterity and The Merchant of Venice Volume 22 2002
Barker Walter L. “The Heart of the Mystery”: Emblematic Revelation in the Hamlet Play Scene Volume 15 1995
Barrow Craig Wallace The 1980 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Volume 3 1980
Barrow Craig The Alabama Shakespeare Festival Volume 7 1987
Barrow Craig The 1987 Alabama Shakespeare Festival  Volume 8 1988
Barrow Craig The 1989 Alabama Shakespeare Festival and the 1988 Hamlet Volume 9 1989
Barrow Craig The 1990 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Achievement, Failure, and Promise Volume 10 1990
Barrow Craig and Diana The 1991 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: All’s Well That Ends Well Volume 11 1991
Barrow Craig Alabama Shakespeare Review, 1992 Volume 12 1992
Barrow Craig Alabama Shakespeare Review, 1993 Volume 13 1993
Barrow Craig The 1994 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Volume 14 1994
Barrow Craig The 1995 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Production of Henry VI, Part 1 Volume 15 1995
Barrow Craig A Tale of Two Shakespeare Festivals: Stratford’s The Merchant of Venice and Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s The Winter’s Tale Volume 16 1996
Barrow Craig and Diana The Alabama Shakespeare Festival, 1997 Volume 17 1997
Barrow Craig The 1998 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Antony and Cleopatra Volume 18 1998
Barrow Craig and Diana 1999 Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Troilus and Cressida Volume 19 1999
Barrow Craig The 2000 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Volume 20 2000
Barrow Craig The 2002 Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Hamlet Volume 22 2002
Barrow Craig The 2001 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Productions of King John and Julius Caesar Volume 22 2002
Barrow Craig The 2003 Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Romeo and Juliet Volume 23 2003
Barrow Craig The 2004 Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Macbeth and Titus Andronicus Volume 24 2004
Barrow Craig The 2004 Stratford Festival of Canada's Timon of Athens Volume 24 2004
Barrow Craig The 2005 Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Coriolanus and The Taming of the Shrew Volume 25 2005
Barrow Craig The Experimental and the Traditional: The 2006 Alabama Shakespeare Festival's A Midsummer Night's Dream and the 2006 Stratford Festival's Henry IV, Part 1 Volume 26 2006/07
Barrow Craig A Midsummer Night's Dream by the American Shakespeare Center On Tour (2006) Volume 26 2006/07
Barrow Craig (co-author) The 2009 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Othello Volume 28 2009
Battenhouse Roy The Good Counselor in Shakespeare’s Plays Volume 2 1979
Battenhouse Roy Augustinian Roots in Shakespeares’s Sense of Tragedy Volume 6 1986
Battenhouse Roy Shakespeare’s Christianity: The Future of Scholarship Volume 14 1994
Beehler Sharon “An Enemy in Their Mouths”: The Closure of Language in Othello Volume 10 1990
Bennett William E. Shakespeare’s Iago: The Kierkegaardian Aesthete Volume 5 1984
Bennett William E. The Gravediggers’ Scene: A Unifying Thread in Hamlet Volume 5 1984
Bennett Kenneth C. Notes Toward a Production of The Gentlemen of Verona Volume 9 1989
Berggren Paula Shakespeare and the Numbering Clock Volume 29 2010
Bertolet Anna Riehl Representations of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Culture, ed. Alessandra Petrina and Laura Tosi Volume 31 2012
Blackadder Neil Shakespeare on Stage in Pre-War Germany: From the Memoirs of Fritz Kortner Volume 23 2003
Blessington Frances Shakespeare's Mulberry Tree Volume 27 2007/08
Blick Fred Shakespeare’s Musical Sonnets: Numbers 8, 128, and Pythagoras Volume 19 1999
Blick Fred Psalms and Sonnets: 146 and 147 Volume 23 2003
Blick Fred "Duble Vantage": Tennis and Sonnet 88 Volume 28 2009
Bovilsky Lara Book Review: Carole Levin and John Watkins, Shakespeare's Foreign Worlds: National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age Volume 30 2011
Bowers Rick Macbeth and Death: Paranoia and Promogeniture Volume 10 1990
Brady Owen E. Trolius and Cressida as Performed by the Tom Patterson Theatre, Stratford, Canada Volume 23 2003
Brady Owen E. The 2009 Stratford Festival: Macbeth and Bartholomew Fair Volume 29 2010
Brady Owen E. The 2010 Stratford Festival: The Winter's Tale and The Tempest Volume 30 2011
Brady Owen E. The 2011 Stratford Festival: Tutus Andronicus Volume 31 2012
Brown  Georgia  Book Review: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599 by James Shapiro Volume 25 2005
Browne Thomas Mercutio as Mercury: Trickster and Shadow Volume 9 1989
Bruce Yvonne The Pathology of Rhetoric in Coriolanus Volume 20 2000
Bruster Douglas Cymbeline and the Sudden Blow Volume 10 1990
Burleson, Jr. James B. The Infamous Victory of Falstaff Volume 1 1978
Burton J. Anthony “His quarry cries on hauocke”: Is It Shakespeare’s Own Judgment on the Meaning of Hamlet? Volume 11 1991
Cacicedo Alberto “A formal man again”: Physiological Humours in The Comedy of Errors Volume 11 1991
Campbell Josie P. Farce as Function in Medieval and Shakespearean Drama Volume 3 1980
Cannon Walter W. The King’s Three Bodies: The Textual King and the Logic of Obedience in Henry V Volume 18 1998
Carroll D. Allen “For There is an Upstart Crow” Volume 15 1995
Chamberlain Stephanie Domestic Economies in The Taming of the Shrew: Amassing Cultural Credit Volume 28 2009
Champion Larry S. Shakespeare and Dekker: Creative Interaction and the Form of Romantic Comedy Volume 5 1984
Charney Mark The Bard as Great Box Office: Michael Kahn and the Shakespeare Theatre Volume 22 2002
Cohen Jason Book Review: World-Wide Shakespeares, ed. Sonia Massai; and Colorblind Shakespeare, ed. Ayanna Thompson Volume 27 2007/08
Cohen Jason E. Book Review: Andrew Hadfield, Shakespeare and Republicanism, and Oliver Arnold, The Third Citizen: Shakespeare's Theater and the Early Modern House of Commons Volume 28 2009
Cohen Michael M. The Deceitful Hamlet Volume 1 1978
Cohen Eileen Z. Edgar’s Audience and Shakespeare’s: A Comparison Volume 18 1998
Cohen Ralph Alan Unpalatability in the Web of The Merchant of Venice Volume 19 1999
Collins David On Re-Interpreting Henry IV Volume 4 1982
Cook Dorothy Helena: The Will and the Way Volume 10 1990
Cosman Bard All’s Well That Ends Well: Shakespeare’s Treatment Of Anal Fistula Volume 19 1999
Coursen H. R. “Age in Unnecessary”: A Jungian Approach to King Lear Volume 5 1984
Coursen H. R. Theories of History in Richard II Volume 8 1988
Coursen Herb Prayer Volume 13 1993
Coursen H. R. Shakespeare on Film and Television Volume 15 1995
Coursen H. R. A Crow Signals Volume 18 1998
Coursen H. R. A Note on the RSC’s Twelfth Night Volume 19 1999
Coursen Herb In Memoriam: Jim Andreas (1943-2002) Volume 21 2001
Cox Catherine S. Sons of Eve: Ambiguity and Gender in the First Tetralogy Volume 17 1997
Crawford John W. Intuitive Knowledge of Cymbeline Volume 1 1978
Crofts Thomas On Learning of a Famous Poet's Syphilis Volume 26 2006/07
Crofts Thomas Unplug the Vegetables Volume 26 2006/07
Crunelle-Vanrigh Anny "The Sixth of July": Benedick's Letter and the Queen's Law Volume 25 2005
Cummings Peter Hamlet at Sea Volume 8 1988
Cummings Peter The Ashbourne Portrait of Shakespeare Volume 9 1989
Cummings Peter Three Sonnets of Love and Age Volume 12 1992
Cummings Peter The Alchemical Storm: Etymology, Wordplay, and New World Kairos in Shakespeare’s The Tempest Volume 12 1992
Cummings Peter Lear in the Country Near Dover Volume 15 1995
Cummings Peter Kit on Will Volume 17 1997
Cummings Peter Hero And Leander: Some Sense of An Ending Volume 22 2002
Curtis Mary Ann The Joining of Male and Female: An Alchemical of Transmutation in Antony and Cleopatra Volume 12 1992
Dachslager E. L. “The Stocks of Barabas”: Shakespeare’s Unfaithful Villains Volume 6 1986
Daley A. Staurt Calling and Commonwealth in As You Like It: A Late Elizabethan Political Play Volume 14 1994
Damsen Silver Chicago Shakespeare Theater Season 2007-2008 Volume 27 2007/08
Daniel Drew Book Review: Jonathan Gil Harris, Shakespeare and Literary Theory Volume 30 2011
Depta Victor M. Anachronisms Volume 7 1987
Derdzinski Mark Richard II: Shakespeare's Referents and the Problem of Deposition Volume 23 2003
Desai Rupin W. Hamlet and Paternity Volume 3 1980
Desai Rupin Duncan’s Duplicity Volume 6 1986
Desmet Christy Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare, ed. Scott L. Newstok Volume 26 2006/07
Desmet Christy Southern Shrews: Marriage and Slavery in American Appropriations of Shakespeare Volume 26 2006/07
Dessen Allen C. Intersections: The Editor, the Director, and the Theatre Historian Volume 20 2000
Deutermann Allison Kay "Dining on Two Dishes": Shakespeare, Adaptation, and Auditory Reception of Purcell's The Fairy-Queen Volume 29 2010
Devereux, S. J. James A. Shakespeare’s Sonnets of Participation Volume 2 1979
Dickey Harold The Latter End of a Sea-Coal Fire: Sonnet 73 Volume 6 1986
Dodd Mark Robert The History of Troilus and Cressida Volume 11 1991
Dodd Mark Robert Measure for Measure at the 2007 Idaho Shakespeare Festival; Or, As the Director Likes It Volume 27 2007/08
Doss Sue Everybody’s Crow Volume 1 1978
Doss E. Sue Humanity is Enough Volume 1 1978
Duffin K. E. Ophelia as Iago Volume 23 2003
Dunn Leslie (co-authored) Editors' Introduction to "Shakespearean Hearing" Volume 29 2010
Edgecombe Rodney Stenning “The taller is the daughter” in As You Like It Volume 20 2000
Edgecombe Rodney Sterling Titania’s Reference to Woodbine in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, IV. i Volume 21 2001
Edgecombe Rodney Stenning "The salt fish is an old coat" in The Merry Wives of Windsor 1.1 Volume 24 2004
Emmerichs Sharon Inside-Out and Outside-In: Landscape and the Unnatural in Shakespeare's Hamlet and Macbeth Volume 23 2003
Erickson Peter Contextualizing Othello in Reed and Phillips Volume 17 1997
Erickson Peter Representations of Race in Renaissance Art Volume 18 1998
Erickson Peter “Yet You Can Quote Shakespeare, At the Drop of a Pin”: The Function of Shakespearean Riffs in Leon Forrest’s Divine Days Volume 22 2002
Erikson Peter In Memoriam: Jim Andreas (1943-2002) Volume 21 2001
Estill Laura The 2011 Stratford Festival: Two Gentlemen of Verona and Kiss Me, Kate Volume 30 2011
Estill Laura The 2001 Stratford Festival: Richard III and Shakspeare's Will Volume 31 2012
Favila Marina Philobats and Ocnophils: Romantic Pairings in Shakespeare and Film Volume 20 2000
Fazakerly Robert B. Verdi’s Falstaff and The Merry Wives of Winsor Volume 4 1982
Fine Saralee G. Getting Comfortable with a Loser: Falstaff Volume 10 1990
Fleissner Robert F. William Dunbar’s Sultry Pre-Shakespearean Dark Lady Volume 3 1980
Fleissner Robert The Case of the “Base Judean” Revisited Volume 6 1986
Fleissner Robert “The Phoenix Re-Viewed” Volume 12 1992
Fleissner Robert F. The “Upstart Crow” Reclawed: Was it Kemp, Wilson, Allyn, or Shakespeare? Volume 15 1995
Folkerth Wes (co-authored) Editors' Introduction to "Shakespearean Hearing" Volume 20 2010
Ford John R. “The Condition of My Estate”: Conjuring Identity and Estrangement in As You Like It Volume 18 1998
Ford John R. “The qualities o’ th’ isle”: The Clemson Players Perform The Tempest Volume 19 1999
Ford John R. “Words, Words, Words”: ACTER and Shenandoah Shakespeare Perform for Clemson Shakespeare Festival 2000 Volume 20 2000
Ford John R. Dreaming and Remembering: The Performances of Clemson Shakespeare Festival X Volume 21 2001
Ford John R. Playing with Words and Deeds: The Clemson Players and Shenandoah Shakespeare Perform At Clemson Shakespeare Festival XI Volume 22 2002
Ford John R. Acting is Eloquence: The Performances of Clemson Shakespeare Festival XII Volume 23 2003
Ford John R. Changeable Taffeta: Re-dressing the Bears in Twelfth Night Volume 24 2004
Ford John R. "The Virtue of this Jest": The Productions of Clemson Shakespeare Festival XIII Volume 24 2004
Ford John R. Clemson Shakespeare Festival XIV (2005), "Making the Beast": Actors from the London Stage Perform Othello Volume 25 2005
Ford John R. Clemson Shakespeare Festival XV (2006), I Married Kate: The National Players Perform The Taming of the Shrew Volume 26 2006/07
Ford John R. Confessions of a Shakespearean Tourist: Discovering Natural Perspectives in the Secret Pleasures of Repertorial Recognition Volume 27 2007/08
Ford John R. A Fool's Stage: Royal Shakespeare Company Productions from Stratford, England, 2007 Volume 27 2007/08
Ford John R. The National Theatre's The Revenger's Tragedy and The Royal Shakespeare Company's A Midsummer Night's Dream (2008) Volume 28 2009
Forker Charles R. A Response to James Devereux Volume 2 1979
Forker Charles R. The Idea of Time in Shakespeare’s Second Historical Tetralogy Volume 5 1984
Fralix Brandon Book Review: Better a Shrew Than a Sheep: Women, Drama, and the Culture of Jest in Early Modern England by Pamela Allen-Brown Volume 23 2003
Frame Jeffrey D. “Now will I to the chink, / To Spy . . .”: Scopophilia as Gender Sport in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Volume 19 1999
Frazer Winifred L. William Kemp as “Upstart Crow” Volume 15 1995
French William W. The Reflective Hamlet: The Little Eyases Direct the Shenandoah Shakespeare Express Volume 17 1997
Frey Charles Shakespeare’s Bombast Volume 7 1987
Frey Charles The Bias of Nature Volume 13 1993
Fulton, III Robert C. Love’s Labour Lost and the Marx Brothers Volume 5 1984
Garber Marjorie Two Birds with One Stone: Lapidary Re-Inscription in The Phoenix and the Turtle Volume 5 1984
Garner Shirley Nelson Shylock: “His stones, his daughter, and his ducats” Volume 5 1984
Gaudet Paul Northumberland’s “Persuasion”: Reflections on Richard II Volume 4 1982
Gaudet Paul Gesture in Coriolanus: Textual Cures for Actor and Audience Volume 8 1988
Gibbons Daniel   Book Review: The Book of Common Prayer 1599: The Elizabethan Prayer Book by John E. Booty (ed.) Volume 25 2005
Gifford Ron Bottom’s Dream Volume 1 1978
Giovanni Nikki Giovanni on Shakespeare Volume 10 1990
Glasser Marvin Baroque Formal Elements in Shakespeare’s Trolius and Cressida Volume 6 1986
Glasser Marvin Dramaturgical Uses of Visual Forms in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra Volume 14 1994
Graves Neil “Even For an Eggshell,” Hamlet and the Problem of Fortinbras Volume 2 1979
Graves Neil Anne (Aside) Volume 6 1984
Graves Roy Neil Suppressed Design in Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Toward Envisioning the Lost “First Folio” Volume 15 1995
Graves Roy Neil Shakespeare’s Lost Sonnets: Eleven Examples of the 154 Runic Poems Embedded in the 1609 Quarto Volume 17 1997
Green Douglas E. Staging the Evidence: Shakespeare’s Theatrical Revengers Volume 12 1992
Green Douglas Mother’s Word and The Comedy of Errors: Notes Toward a Constitution of Shakespearean Patriarchy Volume 15 1995
Green Juana From the Editor Volume 21 2001
Green Melissa Tribal Shakespeare: The Federal Theatre Project's "Voodoo Macbeth" (1936) Volume 24 2004
Griffin C. W. Students Studying Shakespeare Volume 19 1999
Grinnell Richard W. Witchcraft and the Theater in Richard III Volume 17 1997
Grinnell Richard W. Witchcraft, Race, and the Rhetoric of Barbarism in Othello and 1 Henry IV Volume 24 2004
Haden Walter D “The Tempest Calmed” Volume 2 1979
Haden Walter Bardolph’s Farewell to the Late Sir John Volume 3 1980
Hagar Alan “Teeth of Emulation”: Failed Sacrifice in Julius Caesar Volume 8 1988
Hampton Bryan Adams (co-author) The 2009 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Othello Volume 28 2009
Hampton Bryan Adams The 2010 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Hamlet Volume 29 2010
Hampton Bryan Adams The 2011 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Julius Caesar Volume 30 2011
Hancock Nancy Glass Image to Image: Gold’s Revisioning of the Appetitive Imagery in the BBC Macbeth Volume 19 1999
Hanna Sara Christina Vision and Iconography in Pericles Volume 11 1991
Harcourt John B. “Children of divers kind”: A Reading of Romeo and Juliet Volume 3 1980
Harcourt John B. Prospero: The Storm Within Volume 14 1994
Harder Dan The Tempest in the Trivium Volume 26 2006/07
Hardison O. B. Shakespearean Tragedy: The Mind in Search of the World Volume 6 1986
Hargrove Nancy D. The Theme of Destruction and Rebuilding in King Lear Volume 3 1980
Harrington Alexander (co-author) "Spayk the Speech Oy Prithee": Dialects of Shakespeare's England and the American South Volume 26 2006/07
Harris Jonathan Gil Book Review: Colonial Narratives/Cultural Dialogues: “Discoveries” of India in the Language of Colonialism by Jyotsna G. Singh Volume 21 2001
Hart F. Elizabeth Theological and Materialist Studies of Shakespeare Volume 18 1998
Haslem Lori Schroeder Black Devils, White Witches, and the Chains of Magic in Titus Andronicus and Othello Volume 21 2001
Hassel Chris Providence and the Text of Richard III Volume 6 1986
Hassel Chris The Comedy of Errors in Context and in Performance Volume 17 1997
Hassel Chris Performances Volume 19 1999
Heilman Robert B. Reflections of a Shakespearian Anthologist Volume 7 1987
Helmbold Anita King of the Revels of King of the Rebels?: Sir John Falstaff Revisted Volume 16 1996
Hennedy John F. MacDuff’s Dilemma: Anticipation of Existentialist Ethics in MacBeth Volume 18 1998
Holmes Wayne Othello: Is’t possible? Volume 1 1978
Hooks Adam G. Book Review: Jeffrey Knapp, Shakespeare Only Volume 30 2011
Hopkins Lisa “Lear, Lear, Lear!”: Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the Third Volume 16 1996
Hopkins Lisa “This is Venice: my house is not a grange”: The Sheep and the Goats in Othello Volume 20 2000
Horvath Brooke K. (See Ross, Daniel W.) Volume 11 1991
Houlahan Mark Teaching Shakespeare’s India, Then and Now, Here and There Volume 21 2001
Howlett Kathy M. Playing on the Rim of the Frame: Kenneth Branagh’s A Midwinter’s Tale Volume 19 1999
Hunt Maurice Cassio's Coat Volume 26 2006/07
Hunt Maurice Controlling Cupid in Shakespeare’s Last Romances Volume 9 1989
Hunt Maurice Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and "The Pregnant Enemy": The Devil in What You Will Volume 30 2011
Hunt Maurice The Public Theatre's Shakespeare in the Park: As You Like It (2012) Volume 31 2012
Hunt Maurice Viola/Cesario, Caesarean Birth, and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Volume 21 2001
Hurwitz Greg Andrew “The Fountain, from which my current runs”: A Jungian Interpretation of Othello Volume 20 2000
Hyland Peter Boying Greatness: Shakespeare’s Venus Volume 18 1998
Hyland Peter Praising the Vile for Recompense: Shakespeare and Patronage Poetry Volume 21 2001
Iyengar Sujata Book Review: Alexander Nemerov, Acting in the Night: Macbeth and the Places of the American Civil War Volume 30 2011
Jacobs Edward and Karen ‘Tis monstrous’: Dramaturgy and Irony in Othello Volume 9 1989
Jess-Cooke Carolyn Lawrence F. Rhu, Stanley Cavell's American Dream: Shakespeare, Philosophy, and Hollywood Movies Volume 26 2006/07
Kabir Ananya Abuses of Authority: English Literature, Colonial Pedagogy, and Shakespeare in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Volume 21 2001
Kahan Jeffrey Henry Chettle and the Unreliable Romeo: A Reassessment Volume 16 1996
Kapadia Parmita The Politics of Choice: English Language Shakespeare Productions in India Volume 21 2001
Kaul Mythili The Old Shepherd’s Speech in The Winter’s Tale Volume 7 1987
Kaul Mythili "We Must Be Gentle Now We Are Gentlemen": Gentility and Class in The Winter's Tale Volume 23 2003
Kehler Dorothea “And Nothing Pleaseth but Rare Accidents”: Suspense and Peripety in 1 Henry IV Volume 7 1987
Kehler Dorothea The Outline Guide Industry and the Processing of Shakespeare’s Gertrude Volume 14 1994
Kern Edith Falstaff - A Trickster Figure Volume 5 1984
Kilman Bernice The Boston Shakespeare Company Hamlet Volume 6 1986
Kilman Bernice A MacBeth for Our Time Volume 13 1993
King Mark The Theatricality of Rot in Thomas Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Volume 20 2000
Kisting  Wesley Shakespeare's Freedon, by Stephen Greenblatt Volume 31 2012
Kitch Aaron Book Review: Julia Reinhard Lupton, Citizen-Saints: Shakespeare and Political Theology Volume 28 2009
Kitzes Adam H. Book Review: Paul Griffiths, Lost Londons: Change, Crime and Control in the Capitol City 1550-1660 Volume 28 2009
Klene Jean The Fool, Folly, and the World Upside-Down in Measure for Measure Volume 3 1980
Knight W. Nicholas Brutus’ Motivation and Melancholy Volume 5 1984
Knowles Richard Autolycus, Cloten, Caliban, and Co.:”Comic” Figures and Audience Response in Shakespeare’s Last Plays Volume 9 1989
Ko Yu Jin Observing Shakespeare's Lighting Effects Volume 25 2005
Koch Mark The Shaking of the Superflux”: King Lear, Charity, Value, and the Tyranny of Equivalence Volume 10 1990
Kruger Arnold See If You Like It Volume 16 1996
Labbie Erin Felicia Crossing Gender in Shakespeare: Feminist Psychoanalysis and the Difference Within, by James W. Stone Volume 31 2012
Lake James The Psychology of Primacy and Recency Effects Upon Audience Response in Twelfth Night Volume 15 1995
Landis Joan Hutton “By two-headed Janus”: Double Discourse in The Merchant of Venice Volume 16 1996
Landreth David Book Review: Staging Domesticity: Household Work and English Identity in Early Modern Drama by Wendy Wall Volume 23 2003
Langis Unhae Usury and Political Friendship in The Merchant of Venice Volume 30 2011
Lane Robert “Foremost in report”: Social Identity and Masculinity in Much Ado About Nothing Volume 16 1996
Larson Katherine R. Book Review: Gina Bloom, Voice in Motion: Staging Gender, Shaping Sound in Early Modern England Volume 29 2010
Lause Sean Shakespeare of Westinghouse Volume 28 2009
Lehmann Courtney The Passion of the W: Provincializing Shakespeare, Globalizing Manifest Density from King Lear to Kingdom Come Volume 25 2005
Lenhardt Allison K. The Clemson Players Production of Henry V (2006) Volume 26 2006/07
Lenhardt Allison Kellar Book Review: Scott Newstok and Ayanna Thompson (eds.), Weyward Macbeth: Intersections of Race and Performance Volume 30 2011
Lenz Joseph Lettering the Law: The Printed Word in Early Modern Legal Practice Volume 19 1999
Leonard  Kendra Preston Rosalind's Musical Iconicity in Branagh and Doyle's As You Like It Volume 31 2012
Levin Richard A. King John’s Bastard Volume 3 1980
Levin Richard A. “It Was Not I”: Defense Mechanisms in Twelfth Night Volume 7 1987
Levin Richard A. A Review of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Critical Essays Edited by James Schiffer Volume 20 2000
Levy Eric P. “Defeated Joy”: Melancholy and Eudaemonia in Hamlet Volume 18 1998
Lim Walter S. H. Representing the Other: Othello, Colonialism, Discourse Volume 13 1993
Lim Walter S. H. James I, the Royal Prerogative, and the Politics of Authority in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale Volume 21 2001
Lin  Erika T. Book Review: Women Players in England, 1500-1660: Beyond the All-Male Stage by Pamela Allen Brown and Peter Parolin (eds.) Volume 25 2005
Linton David You Can Call Me Al: Looking at Looking at Richard Volume 18 1998
Longo Joseph A. Prospero and Miranda: The Dialectics of Change in The Tempest Volume 2 1979
Loper Natalie Jones Ordinary Stardom: The Tragic Duality of Julia Stiles's Ophelia Volume 31 2012
Lorenz Philip Book Review: Paul Kottman, A Politics of the Scene Volume 28 2009
Lucking David A Bird of Another Feather: Will Shake-scene's Belated Revenge Volume 25 2005
Lucking David To Tell My Story: Narrating Identity in Shakespeare Volume 27 2007/08
Luczak Raymond Love Poems and Premature Elegy Volume 24 2004
Lynch Amy Henry V: Majesty and the Man Volume 4 1982
Lynch Stephen Hector and the Theme of Honor in Troilus and Cressida Volume 7 1987
Lythgoe Micheal H. Brass Reflections Volume 25 2005
MacKenzie Clayton G.  Henry V and the Invasion of France: Rethinking the Moral Justification Volume 25 2005
MacPhee Chantelle Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité: Shakespeare and Blake Volume 22 2002
Magnusson A. Lynne Finding Place for a Faultless Lyric: Verbal Virtuosity in The Winter’s Tale Volume 9 1989
Magorian James The Bookbinder's Daughter Volume 25 2005
Malieckal Bindu Introduction Volume 21 2001
Malieckal Bindu Shakespeare’s Shylock, Rushdie’s Abraham Zogoiby, and the Jewish Pepper Merchants of Precolonial India Volume 21 2001
Marciano Lisa Shakespeare’s Tempest: The Awareness of Death as a Catalyst to Wisdom Volume 20 2000
Mardock James Book Review: The North Face of Shakespeare: Activities for Teaching the Plays by James Stredder Volume 24 2004
Márkus Zoltán Book Review: Christie Carson and Farah Karim-Cooper (eds.), Shakespeare's Globe: A Theatrical Experience Volume 29 2010
Maurer Margaret Again, Poets and Julius Caesar Volume 28 2009
McCarthy Penny The Subtext of W. S.’s Funerall Elegye Volume 22 2002
McGill Margaret (co-author) "Spayk the Speech Oy Prithee": Dialects of Shakespeare's England and the American South Volume 26 2006/07
McKay Ellen Book Review: The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Popular Culture, ed. Robert Shaughnessy; and Companion to Shakespeare and Performance, ed. Barbara Hodgdon Volume 27 2007/08
McKeown Adam Rhetoric and the Tragedy in The Winter’s Tale Volume 20 2000
McKinney Priscilla S. Patience as Dramatic Emblem in Shakespeare’s Plays: A Study in Typology Volume 10 1990
McKinney Priscilla S. Tableau Vivant and Ophelia Volume 25 2005
McNabb Cameron Hunt Brooklyn Academy of Music: The Tempest (2010) Volume 29 2010
Menzer Paul Verbal Reasoning:  The Merchant of Venice and the SAT Volume 23 2003
Mercer John Twin Relationships in Shakespeare Volume 9 1989
Merrix Robert P. The “Beste Noire”: The Medieval Role of the Boar in Venus and Adonis Volume 11 1991
Meyers Tim Dissolution in The Tempest Volume 25 2005
Michael Nancy C. The Usefulness of Narrative Sources and the Gower Choruses in Determining a Divided Authorship for Pericles Volume 2 1979
Miller Corrina (co-author) "Spayk the Speech Oy Prithee": Dialects of Shakespeare's England and the American South Volume 26 2006/07
Minear Erin "A Verse to this Note": Shakespeare's Haunted Songs Volume 20 2010
Minton Gretchen E. A Polynesian Shakespeare Film: The Maori Merchant of Venice Volume 24 2004
Moeller Rosemary Dunn The Faults of Faeries Volume 28 2009
Moisan Thomas E. Chaucerian Solempnytee and the Illusion of Order in Shakespeare’s Athens and Verona Volume 7 1987
Muldoon Paul American Standard Volume 20 2000
Nelson W. Dale Another Country and A Drawing of the Swan Theatre Volume 25 2005
Newstok Scott L. Amy Scott-Douglass, Shakespeare Inside: The Bard Behind Bars Volume 26 2006/07
Nicola James B. London at Night Volume 26 2006/07
Nicola James B. Sylvius Volume 28 2009
Oberdan Angelina Vindication: In Response to the Documentary Shakespeare Behind Bars Volume 27 2007/08
O'Dair Sharon Virtually There: Shakespeare and Tourism in the Twenty-First Century Volume 27 2007/08
O'Leary Niamh J Ambition and Desire: Gertrude as Tragic Hero in Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet Volume 31 2012
Oesterlen Eve-Marie Why Bodies Matter in Mouldy Tales: Material (Re)Turns in Pericles, Prince of Tyre Volume 24 2004
Ortiz Joseph Book Review: Carla Mazzio, The Inarticulate Renaissance: Language Trouble in an Age of Eloquence Volume 29 2010
Orvis David L. What You Will: Gender, Contract, and Shakespearean Social Space, by Kathryn Scwarz Volume 31 2012
Partee Morriss The Comic Equilibrium of Much Ado About Nothing Volume 12 1992
Paul J. Gavin Border Wars: Shakespeare, Robert Lepage, and the Production of National Sentiment Volume 26 2006/07
Paul Ryan Singh Shakespeare Thinking, by Philip Davis Volume 31 2012
Pauls Peter Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens and Renaissance Diogeniana Volume 3 1980
Pauls Peter The True Chronicle History of King Leir and Shakespeare’s King Lear: A Reconsideration Volume 5 1984
Pearson D’Orsay W. Male Sovereignty, Harmony, and Irony in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Volume 7 1987
Phares Dee Anna Desi "was a ho"" Ocular (Re)proof and the Story of O Volume 31 2012
Pillai Tripthi Book Review: Geraldo U. de Sousa, At Home in Shakespeare's Tragedies Volume 30 2011
Pollard David “Oh Scotland, Scotland”: The Anti-Heroic Play of Macbeth Volume 8 1988
Pollard David Richard in “The Amorous Looking Glass” Volume 13 1993
Pollard David The Patriarchal Uncanny in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Volume 17 1997
Powell Tamara Looking for Liberation and Lesbians in Shakespeare's Cross-Dressing Comedies Volume 24 2004
Powers Alan “Meaner Parties”: Spousal Conventions and Oral Culture in Measure for Measure and All’s Well That Ends Well Volume 8 1988
Powers Alan Measure for Measure and Law Reform in 1604 Volume 15 1995
Powers Alan Will’s Monosyllable Volume 20 2000
Radel Nicholas F. The Ethiop's Ear: Race, Sexuality, and Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Volume 28 2009
Ramsey Paul Othello: The Logic of Damnation Volume 1 1978
Ramsey Paul Of Truth, Self-Reflexiveness in Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Plays Volume 4 1982
Ramsey Paul Denying Denial Volume 4 1982
Ramsey Paul Two Elegies for William E. Bennett Volume 5 1984
Ramsey Paul Darkness Lightened: A. L. Rowse’s Dakr Lady Once More Volume 5 1984
Ramsey Paul Two Poems Volume 11 1991
Ramsey Paul The Literary Evidence for Shakespeare as Hand D in the Manuscript Play Sir Thomas More Volume 11 1991
Ramsey Paul Poems Volume 14 1994
Rappaport Gideon Hamlet: Revenge and Readiness Volume 7 1987
Reid Robert The Fairy Queen: Gloriana or Titania? Volume 13 1993
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