Volume VIII

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Hamlet at Sea
by Peter Cummings

Shakespeare's Fusion of the Arts
by J. L. Styan

"Meaner Parties": Spousal Conventions and Oral Culture in Measure for Measure and All's Well That Ends Well
by Alan Powers

Theories of History in Richard II
by H. R. Coursen

"Teeth of Emulation": Failed Sacrifice in Julius Caesar
by Alan Hagar

"Oh Scotland, Scotland": The Anti-Heroic Play of Macbeth
by David Pollard

Gesture in Coriolanus: Textual Cures for Actor and Audience
by Paul Gaudet

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens and Catharsis
by D. Douglas Waters

A Wife Lost and/or Found
by Joyce Wexler

The 1987 Alabama Shakespeare Festival
by Craig Barrow