Volume XIX

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by Chris Hassel

Upalatability in the Web of The Merchant of Venice
by Ralph Alan Cohen

Democratizing the Bard: Shakespeare, Folk Art, and Ragtime Music
by Robert Sawyer

Lettering the Law: The Printed Word in Early Modern Legal Practice
by Joseph Lenz

Students Studying Shakespeare
by C. W. Griffin

"Now will I to the chink, / To Spy . . .": Scopophilia as Gender Sport in A Midsummer Night's Dream
by Jeffrey D. Frame

"My brother had but justice": Isabella's Pleas for Angelo in Measure for Measure
by Martha Widmayer

All's Well That Ends Well: Shakespeare's Treatment Of Anal Fistula
by Bard Cosman

From Agicout to Bastogne: George S. Patton and the Rhetoric of Saint Crispin's Day
by Mark Taylor

Playing on the Rim of the Frame: Kenneth Branagh's A Midwinter's Tale
by Kathy M. Howlett

Image to Image: Gold's Revisioning of the Appetitive Imagery in the BBC Macbeth
by Nancy Glass Hancock

Mimesis and Catharsis in Shakespeare's Coriolanus
by D. Douglas Waters

Shakespeare's Musical Sonnets: Numbers 8, 128, and Pythagoras
by Fred Blick

"The qualities o' th' isle": The Clemson Players Perform The Tempest
by John R. Ford

1999 Ashland Shakespeare Festival's
by Michael W. Shurgot

1999 Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Troilus and Cressida
by Craig and Diana Barrow

A Note on the RSC's Twelfth Night
by H. R. Coursen