Volume XXIX: Shakespearean Hearing

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Editors' Introduction to "Shakespearean Hearing"
by Leslie Dunn and Wes Folkerth,

“A Verse to this Note”: Shakespeare’s Haunted Songs
by Erin Minear

“Here’s a knocking indeed!”: Macbeth and the Harrowing of Hell
by Kurt Schreyer

Shakespeare and the Numbering Clock
by Paula Berggren

“Dining on Two Dishes”: Shakespeare, Adaptation, and Auditory Reception of Purcell’s The Fairy-Queen
by Allison Kay Deutermann

Shakespeare’s Inner Music
by Michael Witmore

Performance Reviews

The 2010 Season at London’s Globe Theatre
by Michael W. Shurgot and Peter J. Smith

The Royal Shakespeare Company 2009: As You Like It
by Sara Thompson

The 2009 Stratford Festival: Macbeth and Bartholomew Fair
by Owen E. Brady

The 2009 Oregon Shakespeare Festival
by Michael W. Shurgot

The 2010 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Hamlet
by Bryan Adams Hampton

Brooklyn Academy of Music: The Tempest (2010)
by Cameron Hunt McNabb

Book Reviews

Carla Mazzio, The Inarticulate Renaissance: Language Trouble in an Age of Eloquence
Reviewed by Joseph Ortiz

Keith Botelho, Renaissance Earwitnesses: Rumor and Early Modern Masculinity
Reviewed by Sarah F. Williams

Gina Bloom, Voice in Motion: Staging Gender, Shaping Sound in Early Modern England
Reviewed by Katherine R. Larson

Christie Carson and Farah Karim-Cooper (eds.), Shakespeare’s Globe: A Theatrical Experiment
Reviewed by Zoltán Márkus


Hippolyta’s Wedding Announcement
by Heather Dubrow