The Upstart Crow: A Shakespeare Journal


The Upstart Crow (1978-2013) discontinued publishing with Volume XXXI, 2012 (published on March 1, 2013).

Besides the consolation that “all’s well that ends well,” I am pleased to say that, from our “Upstart Crow“ inventory, CUDP will soon be able to offer discounted volumes by direct order from an online marketplace currently under construction but expected to go live around February 2014. The digitized content for the journal's archive is available for inspection on an open-access basis on this website.

The advent of e-commerce and direct online transactions from the CUDP store will be advantageous for research scholars and for students, who will visit us as perhaps never before.

Wayne K. Chapman
CEDP Director / CUDP Executive Editor”

In spirit, the journal has been reborn as an independent, online, open access journal called Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies, edited by Associate Professor Will Stockton, who welcomes submissions for journal essays as well as blog posts. See the new journal here.