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Volume 47, Number 1, Fall 2014


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Jan Nordby Gretlund Nikky Finney: Still Dancing with Strom
Niall McGrath Rejection of the Numinous in the Poetry of Gary Allen
Sue Brannan Walker The Chiasmic Eco-Nature of Puella: An Excavation of Being
Laurence Lieberman James Dickey's Elegy for His Father
Maddaline Enns Songlines, Salmon, and the Singularity of Bones: How Our Attachment to Landscape Poses Us in Place
Terry W. Thompson Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland: How H. G. Wells Appropriated Rip Van Winkle
Paul Ruffin John Burns of Gettysburg Sits and Recalls the War
J. Phillip Walker The Last Meal Café
Vanessa Blakeslee Madonna del Carmine
Farrell O'Gorman The Human Box
Steinur Bell When Guy Fell
Catherine Bell Incident at Cohasset
Ryan Meany Bama
Ash Bowen An Interview with Dan O'Brien
Rob Shapiro Family, Sitting Shiva
Gary Allen
William Virgil Davis A Bouquet of Pink Carnations
Ben Gunsberg Conversation with Seamus Heaney
James Doyle In the Garden at Donegal Palace
William Miller James Dickey on Pawley's Island
Dennis Saleh Pith
Laurence Lieberman The Shy Warrior for Beauty
Doug Ramspeck Degas' View from Rue Victor-Massé
Rebecca Foust
Chad Hanson
T. Alan Broughton Close of Day
Gary Every Hohokam Time Travel
Lyn Lifshin
  • Even Now Andeans Worship Pachamama
  • For Pachamama
  • She Said She Couldn't See to Walk Easily
  • When They Banned Music
  • When Malala Returned Home, February 2009
  • Malala's Third Dream of Military Helicopters
Austin Lange Tourist Token
Jeffery C. Alfier Restoration Profiles at the Cars & Stars Forever Show
Ronald Moran
  • Fish in a Small Tank
  • September Again
Thomas Dukes Mrs. Bendremer
Jenn Blair
  • Sutler
  • Meditations
  • Vignette
Maren O. Mitchell
  • In My Next Life
  • Brown Bear
Janice Townley Moore
  • Apprehending O'Connor's "Misfit"
  • Waiting
Jesse Graves
  • Worksong
  • Analogue
Kim Bridgford
  • Unfriend
  • Inflatable Doll Has the Wedding of Her Dreams
Marne Grinolds Wilson To My Biggest Fan
Patricia Corbus Nebula through Telescope
Oliver Rice The Monsoon Lasts for Weeks
Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi Next Exit
Peter Leight
  • Screen Love
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Incognito
Robert Cooperman
  • One of the Few Survivors on the Chemical Weapons Attack on Persepolis, Pennsylvania: The Second American Civil War
  • Piet Grunegin, Coal Miner, Speaks of Vincent Van Gogh: The Village of Petit Wasmes, Belgium, 1879
Christa Romanosky How to Stay Ageless
Warren Slesinger Black Umbrellas
David James My Heart Breaks
William Miller A Picture of Robert Lowell
Charles F. Thielman
  • Hand of All Colors
  • La Lluvia
Matthew J. Spireng Survey Crew
John N. Miller The Cruelest Months
Jean Esteve Let's
Elizabeth Boleman-Herring On First Looking into Kolbert's Sixth Extinction
Skip Eisiminger Roosters Make the Sun Rise: Sympathetic Magic
Lucas Carpenter Liquor Laws
Tony Whedon Fling
Ken Harvey Talking Near the Edge of the Unsayable: American Writers Writing about AIDS
Philip Belcher Listening for a Memorable Voice
John Perryman Take Me Back to the War Zone
John Pursley III Writing Memories
Brett Taylor The Auteur in New Light
Jessica Simpson Revolutionizing Publishing Processes
Merry M. Pawlowski Antigone's "Defiant Pacifism"
Janis Haswell Voice, Identity, and Authorship
Elisa Sparks Siting Theory in Woolf
Duff Brenna A Wanderer's Chasing Life
Randall Wilhelm The Eyes Have It
Daniel Turner Eco-Dickey
Wayne K. Chapman Reframing Dickey and Yeats

Editor's Note

The South Carolina Review, Volume 47, Number 2 (Spring 2015) will be devoted to the theme "The Spectral South" and co-guest-edited by Sarah Lauro and Kimberly Manganelli. Thereafter, we will return to our usual format. —WKC