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Volume 19, Number 2, Spring 1987

Hank Nuwer A Skull Session with Kurt Vonnegut
W. S. Doxey Morgan of the Squirrels
Dabney Stuart The Attic
Karen Osborn When a Woman Dreams of Mountains
J.W. Rivers
  • Basil Norris, Squire of Aldingbourne, Recounts to Great-Grandson Leslie Incidents of his Travel on the Northern Colonial Frontier
  • Basil Norris Recounts to Great-Grandson Leslie Incidents of his Travel in Virginia and Carolina
Russell Fowler Old Mortality
Charles Cantrell Zymurgy
Craig Paulenich
  • Wheb the Neighbor Butchers
  • The Goat-Man
  • Working a Lunar Eclipse
  • Waiting
Sherri Szeman the toast
Norman Nathan
  • blanketing nature
  • “sheep nip the tender”
Jerry Roscoe Arnold's
Skip Eisiminger
  • Child of Violence
  • Amoung the Widow’s Weeds
William Cosgrove The World According to Garp as Fabulation
Roger Rollin Interpreting Samson Agonistes by Joseph Wittreich