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Volume 26, Number 1, Fall 1993

  Donald Davidson at One Hundred
James Dickey From the Log Train
Frederick Semken The Armoire
John Birchler Nourishment
L. J. Bright Young at Heart
David A. Goldstein Mary's Saturday Night
Ruth Fairbanks Rings
Dennis Lynds French Revolution
Kate Myers Hanson Shadows
Glen Pourciau Victor
Paris Smith On the Home Front
Richard Kostelanetz Minimal Fictions
Alex R. Jones The Orange King
John Ridland (two poems)
John Zmirak Lee in New Orleans
Lloyd Davis To Donald Davidson in Heaven (Southern Section)
Rawdon Tomlinson Father's Disaster Tale
William Doreski Lycidas
Celestine Frost (two poems)
Charles Edward Eaton Squeeze Play
Beth Houston (two poems)
Robert Solotaroff An Interview with Robert Stone
Michael M. Jordan Davidson's Answer to Eliot
M. E. Bradford Donald Davidson and the Uses of Persona
Mark Royden Winchell Cleanth Brooks on I'll Take My Stand
Monroe K. Spears On Being Inducted into the South Carolina Academy of Authors
Richard Kostelanetz The Person of Letters in the Contemporary World (Part 1)
Donna Haisty Winchell The Wound and the Fiddle Bow
Robert H. Brinkmeyer Nobody's Handmaiden
Alma Bennett Seeing Through and Beyond Gender
Timothy Viator The Shrewing of the Bard
Robert Gingher An Exquisite Superfluity