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Volume 35, Number 2, Spring 2003

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Diane Gillespie Virginia Woolf, the Hogarth Press, and the Detective Novel
Terry Otten Toni Morrison's "Recitatif" of Race, Gender, and Myth
Janis E. Haswell Paul Scott's Dialogic Method
Casey Clabough Temporality: Fred Chappell's It Is Time, Lord
Roger Rollin "And Laughter holding both his sides": Milton as Humorist, Part Two
Mark I. West The Home of Beatrix Potter and the Potential of Geographical Criticism
Matthew Brennan Dana Giola: The Poet as Public Intellectual
Ron Rash The Corpse Bird
Don Kunz The Dancer's Hand
Hannah Bottomy The Revenant
Rafael Weinstein Night Train to Napa
Rita Welty Bourke White Vitrock China
Jennifer Paddock The Ones Who Are Holding Things Up
Suzanne Jamir New Again
Stephen Jones The Nature of Man
Ryan Van Cleave On the Extraterrestrial Highway
Lee Zacharias Heaven's Own Airport Express
Ronald Moran
  • Saying These Things
  • On Using My Medicare Card for the First Time
  • When Nothing Stays the Same
Gilbert Allen Touring the Holocaust Museum with Martha Stewart
H. R. Coursen Naming the Air (for Jim Andreas)
Eric Trethewey Catawba Creek
Peter Layton A Pickle Brine
Alison Townsend Persephone Goes Solo: No More Self-Help
Peter Layton The Steel Factory
Patrick Moran
  • The Retired Butterfly Collector
  • The Retired Schizophrenic
Conrad Geller Being and Somethingness
Catharine Savage Brosman
  • Parrot Man (for David Clinton)
  • Great Pine
Constantine Contogenis Pre-Dawn
Robert Gibb On Reading of the Death of an Old Friend (for Tim Gallucci)
Elizabeth Murawski
  • Hubris
  • The Handmirror
Aneesa Davenport Sprinklers
Jarrett Keene
  • Fighter
  • Meat
Basil Cleveland If a Brown Hare Should Go Blind
Tim Peeler I Turn the Book Over to Find Its Face
Nancy Murphy Making July
John Grey Kafka Fishing
Gay Baines Piano
David Blair Adventures in Moving
John Sullivan Bad Habit
Dore Kiesselbach Infection
Jan Bailey Magnolia
Paul Ruffin Travels with George in Search of Ben Hur
Amy Weldon Dreaming of Eudora
Skip Eisiminger Crescents Galore: Speculations on South Carolina's Moon
Frank Day
  • Open, Tart, and Witty
  • Ideology of Culture
  • On the Nature of History
NPR Radio Review [Alan Schaffer] A Very Good Read
Helen Marie Casey Tough-Minded Poetry
Chad Chisolm The Maternal Confessionalist
William Bedford Clark Donald E. Stanford and the Baton Rouge Formalists


Different versions of three reviews cited above are available for reading and, in one case, for the pleasure of listening to its original recording from radio tape. One might visit the publications page of the Clemson University Digital Press website and select “monographs” or “regional interest” options to arrive at Arthur V. Williams’s Tales of Clemson 1936—1940 online, linked to a transcript of the review and to an audio segment from the Your Day program on National Public Radio. Likewise, with creation of “Writers’ Nook” (previews, news, notices, and announcements) on the South Carolina Review On-Line Library, Connecticut Review editor and poet Vivian Shipley has given selections of her work and will find reviews by Casey and Chisolm in commemoration of her off-campus reading at Clemson (in October 2002) co-sponsored by SCR and the South Carolina Arts Commission.—WKC