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Vivian Shipley

Vivian Shipley is editor of Connecticut Review and the Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor. In 2001, she won the Robert Frost Foundation Poetry Prize, and the Daniel Varoujan Prize from the New England Poetry Club. In 2000, she won the Marble Faun Award for Poetry from the William Faulkner Society and numerous other prizes.

Vivian Shipley is the first ever writer, so far as I know, who has been sponsored by the The South Carolina Review. Certainly, she is the first since the Review became the flagship of our little armada at Clemson University Digital Press.

Characterizing Fair Haven (Negative Capability Press, 2000), Colette Inez writes:

"Whether she is communing with James Merrill at his Connecticut grave or with Sylvia Plath as an imagined ally in planting a garden, Vivian Shipley gives us a rich sense of her attachment to landscape and memory...Her narrative skill, exuberant language and cadenced music, the insistent energy and keen eye for particulars she brings to her meditations, signal a splendid and generous spirit

From the jacket of When There Is No Shore (Word Press, 2002), a quotation by Sydney Lea:

"Vivian Shipley is, among her many distinctions, one of America's truly eminent poets of family. Not that she is over-solemn (see her slam at Martha Stewart for a good chuckle), but that, unlike so many of her rootless contemporaries, she comes from identifiable (and complex and ultimately lovable) "people," as they say in the South...which, like every landscape she touches is itself complex and splendidly identifiable. In a word, to read this splendid writer's poems is to enter a veritable world whose sadnesses are matched only by the abiding hope and compassion of its creator."

We are pleased to welcome Vivian Shipley to Writers' Nook.

Read a sample of Vivian Shipley's poetry:

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